It’s all about the police this week . . .

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Wow . . . aside from the mayor and chief feud going on over the budget . . . there is just ALOT going on this week. The city council committee is coming out with their final recommendations on Monday, the council has Chief Koval’s fees and the shootings and purchasing a Bearcat on their agenda and Thursday the ad hoc committee is meeting. Nowhere is there a public discussion about the top of State St, however. Take a peek! Then email ( and, show up, register, speak up. Now is the time.

MMSD Schools Week Ahead

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2 meetings Monday, May 1 5:00 p.m. Special Board of Education Meeting in Open Session – WORKSHOP – Doyle Administration Building 545 West Dayton Street Madison, WI 53703 Room 103 – Healthcare Benefits 5:45 p.m. Instruction Work Group Meeting – Personalized Pathways Program Update – High-Intensity Partnership Renewal — Behavioral Health in Schools

County Week Ahead

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Lots of cancellations – 3 of the 10 meetings scheduled.

City Week Ahead

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Thursday meetings have lots of missing agendas . . . tons of policing issues (recent shootings, Koval’s fees, buying a Bearcat, final council committee report and recommendations for short term changes to policing policies, updates on EROs in the schools and I’m probably missing something, but nothing about the Top of State St.)

Plans for the Top of State St.

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Again, I ask, where is the public input about this . . . and I’d love to see these “resources” of which they speak, the “code of conduct” and the pamphlet. And I can’t help but ask, why does anyone have to follow a “code of conduct”, the Chief doesn’t. If he doesn’t have consequences, why should anyone else?

Get Ready to Give Your Input on Alliant Energy Center Plans!

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They’ll be talking about it today at 3pm – you’re all going right? I won’t, I’ll be in a meeting for work . . . but have no fear, they have a fancy plan to get input. Head’s up – it includes ONE public meeting for input for input. ONE.

MMSD – Week Ahead

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2 meetings

County Week Ahead

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21 meetings . . .

City Week Ahead

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Miss me last week? Work took over with a vengeance!!! This week won’t be much better – going to DC for two days this week (for work) and end of next week to New Orleans (for fun). So, my blogging might be a little spotty. 27 meetings that we know of, 2 cancelled.

2nd CD Fail

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Today the Wisconsin Democrats from the 2nd CD held their annual convention where they elected a new CD chair. Congratulation go out to Christine Welcher, for winning the job of 2nd CD chair! I look forward to seeing how she expands the party. Heaven knows the Wisconsin Democratioc Party needs a major shot in the […]

City Attorney has yet another opinion on Koval’s Legal Fees

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This time, its 7 pages . . . but still he doesn’t look into the Couper case? And, there is a startling conclusion . . . he agrees with himself . . . go figure.