Well, this is awkward . . .

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After the mayor’s recent tirade against the “drifter” homeless people (psssst, men all ran out of shelter time at the end of March, that is why you are seeing more “new” people) its a little hard to launch a campaign to find landlords willing to rent to veteran’s for the MAYOR’S ZERO:16 campaign. Here’s the press release planned for today, Registry Week starts Saturday and there is a Tuesday 10 am press conference next week with the Mayor and County Executive Joe Parisi to help recruit landlords to the cause. This is seriously screwed up. Sigh . . .

County Week Ahead

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Only 8 meetings. All but 2 are at 5:30 or later.

75% of the City Week Ahead

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This is what we know of as of Friday afternoon, expect several additions throughout the week.

WTF Mayor Soglin Cracks Down on the Homeless

Posted April 24th, 2015 @ 3:57 PM by

Any homeless people living outside and all food programs from them are being moved to the City-County Building, says the Mayor. Administrative action, no public input. No public input whatsoever. None.

Crazy Traffic Snarls

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Many downtown streets will be closed on Saturday morning, April 25th for the Crazylegs Classic run/walk.

Can You Help With Tasks to End Homelessness?

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Please consider this and sign up if you can!

Mo’, Mo’, Mo’ Meetings!

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One more, that makes 8 out of 20 meetings this week that were late. 27% of the meetings were not on the “Weekly Meeting Schedule” on Monday morning this week.

Random Round Up

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Public Market Forum and meetings, Warner Park Visioning, Neighborhood House Community Rummage Sale, Madcity Chickens 2015 Backyard Coop Tour and Madison Bus Route changes.

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys!

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Downtown Bike and Moped, Community Health Needs Assessment and Dogs in Parks

The Mitch Henck Maneuver

Posted April 22nd, 2015 @ 11:46 AM by

Mitch Henck has been a voice in Madison for quite some time. I do not know Mitch Henck personally, but have listened to him off and on for many years now. I have even called his show a few times. When I was in my car I liked listening to him on occasion on WIBA-AM(although […]

(Brief) Common Council Recap

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This is s a draft, audio to be added later, its brief and live blogged.