Mo’ Meetings

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Oh, how frustrating . . . 5 changes . . .

More Details on former Police Chief Rev. David Couper 1:00 Press Conference Today

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Speakers changed a little, but this is the latest info I have . . . I suspect this is a game changer.

Eric Upchurch: Why Genele’s release is not really a win for her or any of Us

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Guest editorial . . . worth listening to!!! And supporting!!!

Koval vs. _______________

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The whole damn community . . . the people speaking out is piling up . . . these is something wrong with police training, even it it meets some state or federal standards, it doesn’t match our community standards. Former Chief Couper, Rep. Chris Tayor and D.A. Ismael Ozanne will hold a press conference at the City County Building today at 1:00, and likely add their voices. Police reform is needed now . . .

City Budget – 1st Quarter Report

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Well . . . police and fire seem to be having the biggest negative impact on our budget, spending too much. And Room Taxes and building permit fees aren’t bringing in as much money as we thought . . . Police and Fire spend whatever they want and we just pay it, business community over-promises. And we let it happen year, after year, after year. And guess what, this is going to be the worst budget ever in the history of the universe! So, predictable.

Judge Doyle Square, Final Agreement?

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Of course, the one thing the city negotiators conceded on was the Labor Peace Agreement . . . and it appears to have cost us $1.25M more? (notes on “fee structure” are unclear to me) Board of Estimates will be discussing this tonight . . . in closed session . . . public beware.

Madison Schools Week Ahead

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All three meetings on Monday . . .

County Week Ahead

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3 meetings – 2 at noon or before, one at 6:30pm.

City Week Ahead

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Four more days before the new rules kick in! Hopefully we don’t have too many “Mo’ Meetings” this week, but there are only 12 meetings, so I’m skeptical, even tho it is the end of the month and it is usually a bit lighter.

Take Action for Genele

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From Freedom Inc, because no matter how the police explain it . . . this is not what we expect in our community. “Call District Ozanne to demand that there be no charges for Genele and she be released. 608.266.4211” Arraignment may be at 1:30 today . . . rally at 1:00 in front of the Jail.

What Koval says . . .

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Hmmm, I find it very hard to trust that our chief of police knows what is going on . . . watch and listen . . . what do you think? Something doesn’t seem to match up