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More progress made but still work in progress . . . . i.e. DRAFT!!!!

Yes! WYOU lives! But it needs volunteers! If interested, let me know! We can keep the station alive with your hope. Consider donating or volunteering! Please!

WYOU cablecasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Charter Cable Channels 991 (Digital) and 95 (Analog), reaching 200,000 subscribers in the greater Madison area. WYOU now also streams all video content over the web via WYOU.org.

Programming on WYOU is produced or sponsored by local residents and includes skits, political commentary, church services, music programs and cooking shows. Whether you want politics or puppet shows, WYOU can help you produce your own show. If you’re tired of the program choices offered by commercial TV, try WYOU.

If you’d consider doing you own show, WYOU provides affordable courses in camera operation, digital video editing and studio productions, a well as the basic equipment needed for producing programs, including cameras, lights, tripods and computers.

Like other public access stations, WYOU was funded, in part, through the support of cable franchise holder and their subscribers as partial compensation for the use of the public right-of-way. Thanks to AT&T and cable deregulation bill, and the City of Madison, WYOU has seen that support drop from $140,000 in 2009, to $70,000 in 2010 to $0 in 2011. With the City keeping $70,000 that they received from cable subscribers, but did not pass along to WYOU in 2010. Please consider donating to WYOU, to keep community television alive, despite the powers that be. To survive, we need your support!

If you can’t donate, but have time, we need that too! To volunteer, call 258-9644 or wyouvc@gmail.com.

Tried tuning in and can’t find us, call Charter.

So . . . in May of 2010, I decided I would try my hand at doing my own show . . . I took a camera class, took an editing class, checked out some cameras and goofed around a bit, recruited some volunteers and now I have my very own show that airs on WYOU. Check here for the schedule. It’s work in progress, I’ve learned a lot and have several shows that I have done! More to learn, improvements needed, but here it is . . .






JULY 2010

JUNE 2010

MAY 2010

APRIL 2010
Housing, Homelessness & Poverty Issues: Is it time to Take Back the Land? – Brenda Konkel talks with Monica Adams and Z! Haukeness from Operation Welcome Home as well as Jacque Pokorney and Leslie McAllister about recent housing and homelessness advocacy actions.

Pilot Show – Brenda Konkel talks with Arlene Silveira, President of the Madison School District about the MMSD budget; Alders Mike Verveer and Marsha Rummel talk about the Madison Downtown Library and the Edgewater and County Board Chair Scott McDonell talks about Dane County Board issues.

Currently, view videos here . . . until I get this section updated.

This is the goofing around part. If I ever get my library built up a bit, you may see Brenda’s Local Music Video Hour, with a name yet to be worked out. These are also work in progress . . . and many more still on my computer, waiting to be edited. Check back early 2011 to see more!

Currently, view videos here . . . until I get this section updated.