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Uh . . . Political Pay Back

Posted October 28th, 2016 @ 9:16 AM by

So, intuitively, I kinda knew this. But it was still a bit shocking to hear the confession that the tenant-landlord law changes were made for political payback. What happened to policy makers making good policy?

Evicted! Right Here in Dane County!!!

Posted October 26th, 2016 @ 1:31 PM by

Join us on Thursday to discuss the UW-Madison Urban and Regional Planning Evicted in Dane County, Wisconsin, A Collaborative Examination of the Housing Landscape. (See Below for Major Findings)

Support a Housing Justice County Budget Tonight!

Posted October 26th, 2016 @ 10:23 AM by

This is from Heidi Wegleitner and supported by the Homeless Services Consortium and many housing advocates, but now, your voice is needed! They need to hear from people in their districts . . . that are not the usual suspects. (Usual suspects – still email your own supervisor or show up tonight, your voices are needed too!)

School Board Week Ahead

Posted October 24th, 2016 @ 8:45 AM by

Also, budget, budget, budget. And referendum.

County Week Ahead

Posted October 24th, 2016 @ 8:28 AM by

It’s all about the budget – but the amendments remain elusive. Many of the agendas posted here do not (yet) contain the amendments they will be discussion and voting on.

City Week Ahead

Posted October 24th, 2016 @ 7:51 AM by

City Budget at Board of Estimates – seems like a bit of a snoozer. Did you know there’s a city committee that has been cancelled 17 of the last 18 meetings?!

Join Tenant Resource Center Tonight! Silent Auction/Master Chef Cook-off

Posted October 21st, 2016 @ 7:36 AM by

A huge thanks to all our supporters! Please join us tonight at the Brink Lounge (701 E Washington Ave) 5:00 – 7:00. We have a great silent auction lined up and the winners of the spring iron chef battles will be competing in Lemon Battle. Please make sure to thank everyone involved!

Homeless Services Consortium Weighs in on County Budget

Posted October 19th, 2016 @ 3:49 PM by

If you’d like to help support these recommendations, email the county board at and make sure to include your address so they know you are a constituent!

Only Public Hearing on County Budget at full County Board Tonight

Posted October 19th, 2016 @ 8:01 AM by

This is the only chance to have public comment in front of the full board now that the County Executive Budget is out. It’s hard to tell what we’re commenting on, some committees have amendments out, some don’t, but if you have opinions, now is the time!

Police Policy Change: Wait For Backup!

Posted October 19th, 2016 @ 7:18 AM by

Yeah. Chief Koval finally got it, after several people have died, he’s changed the policy telling police to wait for back up unless their is a threat to someone’s safety (not property).

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