Comment Policy

We welcome all sorts of commentary on Forward Lookout. We especially like the following kinds of commentary:

1. Comments that contain more information about the post. If you got something to add, it helps to move the debate.
2. Funny comments. Politics is serious stuff, but hey, if you can add a little humor to it, by all means…
3. Corrections. Yeah, no one is perfect. If we goofed on something, let us know.
4. Constructive opinions. If you disagree with the article author or another commentator, say so and why you disagree. Remember to be respectful though.
5. Note that a few html tags are supported in the comments <i>italics</i>, <b>bold</b>, and links <a href=”http://url“Link Title></a>.

Obvious things about offensive comments:

1. Deliberately offensive or annoying comments will not be approved.
2. Spamming cut-and-paste talking points or press releases is not allowed. If you want to note a press release that is relevant to the post, link to it and add your own commentary to it.
3. Please do not tell Forward Lookout writers what to write about. Comments that say “no one cares” or “This is a stupid topic” are not useful and will not be approved.
4. Do not make racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semetic, anti-Muslim or otherwise inappropriate comments.
5. In the same vein as 4 above, avoid generally offensive language. If you’re using a word that would provoke a brawl in real life (or “IRL” as the kids say), don’t use it here.
6. For a crime story or public safety story, do not say or suggest that the victim “had it coming” unless you have evidence to support your claim. Blaming the victim is unfair and takes the focus off the perpetrator.
7. Do not spam the comments thread with the same comment over and over. If you accidently double-post, someone will get to it and remove it.
8. Off-topic comments will not be approved. If there is a connection, please explain what it is.
9. Comments that personally insult, threaten, or harass writers or commentators will not be approved. Comments that contain insults against broad groups of people will not be approved.


1. Links are allowed in comments as long as they are relevant to the topic at hand.
2. If you link to something that is NSFW, label it as such. Of course, you shouldn’t really be linking to something that is NSFW at a political site. I mean, unless a politician really screwed something up.
3. Links without a description are generally discouraged.
4. Link topics are held to the same standards as comments. So don’t link to something that is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc…
5. Full URLs (http://…) are automatically hyperlinked, but you may also mask URLs. Long URLs (over 75 characters) should be masked, please. <a href=”full URL goes here with no spaces”>Whatever you want to call the link goes here</a>. The URL must include the http part and don’t forget the “s before and after the URL.

Anonymous Comments and User Names
1. We request that you at least use an actual e-mail address (not published) when commenting and prefer you use your actual name.
2. Comments by people using their actual name are given more leeway with regard to the aforementioned guidelines than those of anonymous commenters.
3. We think you should put your name on your comments, it adds credibility to what you are posting and people seem to post more responsibily when their name is attached. I’ll let former NFL Coach Herm Edwards emphasize this point: