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Brenda Konkel (aka This Side of Town aka Madison’s premiere local gov’t blogger): Served 4 terms on the City of Madison (WI) City Council (2001 – 2009). Oh, 41, but still get carded. B.A. in Criminal Justice, UW-Platteville (1990), J.D. UW-Madison Law School (1993).

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Guest Blogger: Thomas J Mertz He also blogs at Madison AMPS.

Guest Blogger: Mary Jo Walters: This another media site for her polished rants on city and state opinion pieces. Mary Jo first stopped making Gallery Art when she moved to Madison in 2003 and joined WORT-FM.org in 2004, and ended volunteering after the birth of her third child. The Capitol Occupation moved her toward state and local government. Education/notable , include MFA- CalArts, 1999, Valencia, California, BA- Kent State University, 1994, Kent, Ohio and a Fulbright Scholarship, 1999-2000, Thailand, photography/video. Mother, friend, lover, writer, Wingnut, and activist.

Don’t let them change ya, or even rearrange ya… Bob Marley


Mission Statement (Corrections in blue, deletions in strikethrough): We want to I wish I could tell you more pertinent news, even if but we’re in a rating system here, and tThe key factor is not ‘sensationalism’, but rather useful and interesting news. We won’t keep They’ve got you running in circles, and you can access the website anytime. 9 to 5, and 5 to 9… you’re mine! We’ll I tell you what they want you to know, and what they don’t want you to know too. But you must find your own consider it the truth. Nobody is opening their eyes! Our global economy is depleting the world of our lives and natural resources! We hope this website makes And are you think. happy?. Don’t worry, we don’t Come on! I work for the system.

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