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VETOES – more mayoral vetoes. Larry Palm and Mike Verveer will be absent tonight making veto over-ride a little harder.

Agenda Items #2 – #14 are PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS
11. Legislative File No. 49894 – Creating Section 28.022 – 00317 and Section 28.022 – 00318 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of property located at 6202 Driscoll Drive, 3rd Aldermanic District, from TR-C3 (Traditional Residential – Consistent 3) and PD (Planned Development) Districts, to TR-P (Traditional Residential – Planned) and TR-C3 (Traditional Residential-Consistent 3) Districts. (Report of Plan Commission – Public Hearing – Plan Commission Recommends Approval)
12. Legislative File No. 49895 – Creating Section 28.022 – 00315 and Section 28.022 – 00316 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties located at 1720 Monroe Street and 625 S. Spooner Street, 13th Aldermanic District, from TR-C2 (Traditional Residential – Consistent 2) District and PD (Planned Development) District to PD(GDP-SIP) (Planned Development (General Development Plan – Specific Implementation Plan) District. (Report of Plan Commission – Public Hearing – Recommended Action: Recess Public Hearing and Re-Refer to Plan Commission for reconsideration)

18. Legislative File No. 49691 – SUBSTITUTE Creating Section 38.07(4) and renumbering Sections 38.07(4) through (21) to Sections 38.07(5) through (22) of the Madison General Ordinances to allow patrons to order alcohol sales online and pick up merchandise in a designated parking area of the store. (14 Votes Needed to Override Mayoral Veto)
19. Legislative File No. 48536 – Change of Licensed Premise – Wal-Mart Stores East LP • dba Walmart #2335 4198 Nakoosa Trl., Class A Liquor & Beer, Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Ahrens) • Expanding premises to include six (6) canopy parking spaces for online grocery pickup. (14 Votes Needed to Override Mayoral Veto)
20. Legislative File No. 48537 – Change of Licensed Premise – Ultimate Mart LLC • dba Pick ‘n Save #8179 261 Junction Road, Class A Beer, Class A Liquor, Aldermanic District 9 (Alder Skidmore) • Expand premises to include parking spaces for online grocery pickup. (14 Votes Needed to Override Mayoral Veto)

21. Legislative File No. 50110 – Establishing a moratorium on issuance of new alcohol licenses in a high density, high police call area in downtown Madison. (Business by the Council President – Additional Referrals – Downtown Coordinating Committee, Economic Development Committee, Equal Opportunities Commission)
77. Legislative File No. 49693 – Approving the preliminary plat and final plat of Northeast Addition to Grandview Commons on land generally addressed as 6202 Driscoll Drive; 3rd Ald. Dist. (Report of Plan Commission – Plan Commission Recommends Approval)

The following items are EXTRA-MAJORITY ITEMS – Extra Majority vote items will be recorded as unanimous votes unless a roll call or exclusion is requested:
62. Legislative File No. 50024 – Resolution Authorizing the Issuance, Sale and Delivery of $________ Taxable Redevelopment Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 2018 (Monona Terrace Hotel Parking Facility Project) of the Community Development Authority of the City of Madison, Wisconsin, and Approving the Execution and Delivery of Certain Documents In Relation Thereto. (Report of Finance Committee – Need Recommendation – 15 votes required)
72. Legislative File No. 50108 – Amending the adopted 2018 capital budget to transfer $135,000 of available funds from the Library Maintenance Support Center Project into the Engineering Sustainability Improvements Fund for the installation of solar electric (PV) panels on the building by the City’s 2018 Green Power Program. (Report of Finance Committee – 15 votes required)

Items placed on EXCLUSION LIST
22. Legislative File No. 50316 – Chief of Police 4th Quarter Update: Chief Mike Koval, Madison Police Department (Business by the Council President – Presentation by Chief Koval)

Items Introduced from the Floor for Referral
Legislative File No. 54050461 – BY TITLE ONLY – Reaffirming the intent of the City of Madison to conduct a national search for the Public Market Operator and calling for a new RFQ that focuses on operations and management experience of a Public Market. (Ald. David Ahrens, District 15)
 Recommended Action: Refer to Public Market Development Committee, Economic Development Committee

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