Madison Schools Week Ahead

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No actual MMSD meetings – 2 quasi MMSD meetings.

Monday, February 12
6:30 p.m. Nuestro Mundo, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting Nuestro Mundo Community School
902 Nichols Road Monona, WI 53716 Room 36
– Board Member Notices
a. Vacancies
– Board Members Recruitment Discussion
– Scholarship Updates Discussion
– Committee Structure and Descriptions
– Treasurer’s Report
– Principal’s Report
a. Update on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) data
– Committee Updates
a. Family and School Alliance
b. Community and School Committee
c. Bridge Committee
d. Marketing & Fundraising
i. Big Share “Power Hour” discussion
ii. Big Share matching grants discussion
e. Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Advocacy Committee
i. Decision on request for $500 to pay for needed expenses for DLI Summit
ii. Discussion— is NMI willing to go on record as begin a contact for DLI advocacy across the
iii. Discussion—Latino Education Council requested MMSD be considered a co-sponsor of the event. Recommendation for the committee against this request.

Wednesday, February 14
5:00 p.m. City of Madison Education Committee Meeting 30 W. Mifflin Street Madison, WI 53703
Room 1002
– Discussion Items:
a.Chair’s report
b. Follow up on letter from Mayor Soglin and Superintendent Cheatham re: Role of the City Education Committee
c. Priorities for the Committee

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