City and County Housing and Homelessness Updates

Posted December 5th, 2017 @ 7:21 AM by

Last night the Homeless Issues Committee met – and they got updates and presentations on the County Affordable Housing Fund, the City Affordable Housing Fund, the Street Outreach Program as well as City and County Budgets, the homeless day resource center, Messner’s site proposals for affordable housing, and the proposal to place a portapotty downtown for people sleeping outside – plus they talked about their priorities for the upcoming year.

They amazingly did that in just 2.5 hours. I live streamed it because it had so much info – tried to mark the spots where things were discussed on the facebook thread so you should be able to jump to the spots you want, but often my comments are late and you’ll have to back up a bit. And sorry, I was in a bad spot in the room to be able to see everyone with my camera and avoid the mini construction area, so there’s more back and forth with the camera than I’d like. It’s amazing to me that the county baord says that they only have 5 people watch the county board meetings, the facebook video has 583 views this morning.

This is still work in progress, so I welcome all suggestions in using this type of format to record meetings. For me it’s easier than blogging or taping and putting on Youtube – but interested in feedback on if people like this format or not. I obviously see it as I’m recording it but its hard to see and hear what I’m filming while facebooking and what is happening in the software and what is happening once it hits facebook and I don’t go back and watch the whole thing.

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