What Will The Council Talk About Tonight? (updated)

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Here it is, in all its glory!

Agenda Items #1 – #14 are PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS

The following items are EXTRA-MAJORITY ITEMS – Extra Majority vote items will be recorded as unanimous votes unless a roll call or exclusion is requested:
55. Legislative File No. 49172 – Amending Public Health-Madison and Dane County’s 2017 budget to transfer funds from and authorizing the Director of Public Health to sign an agreement with the Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin System to spend these funds to provide short-term support for the University of Wisconsin’s Covering Wisconsin-Marketplace Insurance Enrollment Assistance Program. (Report of Finance Committee – 15 Votes Required)

46. (was originally 6.) Legislative File No. 47713 SUBSTITUTE – Requesting the City-County Liaison Committee to gather public input and make recommendations to the City of Madison and Dane County on possible locations to rename in honor of President Barack Obama. (Report of City-County Liaison Committee – Council Vice-President Samba Baldeh – Recommended Action: Refer to Common Council Executive Committee)

Items requested by alders to be placed on EXCLUSION LIST
38. Legislative File No. 49085 – Approving Plans and Specifications for Crazylegs Plaza and Wingra Park Entrance. (Report of Board of Public Works – Ald. Rebecca Kemble, District 18)

56. Legislative File No. 49186 – Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into contracts with Nehemiah Community Development Corp and Madison-area Urban Ministry to provide peer support services to assist persons impacted by violence and to support formerly incarcerated individuals as part of a strategy to reduce recidivism. (Report of Finance Committee – Ald. Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, District 5)

Items Introduced from the Floor for Referral
Legislative Fie No. 49371 – Accepting the Community Development Division’s (CDD) selection of Dane County Parent Council as the vendor for the Family Child Care Accreditation System beginning January 1, 2018 in the amount of $245,567 as a result of a competitive RFP process conducted by CDD in consultation with staff and members of the Early Care and Education Committee; and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into agreements with those agencies to implement the designated programs and services. (Ald. Denise DeMarb, District 16)
 Recommended Action: Refer to Finance Committee

Legislative File No. 49376 – Reaffirming the transportation ordinance changes to the transportation department and transportation committee structures as adopted by the Common Council on September 19, 2017 and establishing a timeline for implementing these ordinances as effectuated by the companion ordinance delaying the effective date of the above ordinances until June 29, 2018. (Ald. Denise DeMarb, District 16)
 Recommended Action: Refer to Common Council Executive Committee, Common Council (12/5/17)

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