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2 reconsiderations and extra money for Heartland Housing.

Agenda Items #5 – #10 are PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS

15. Legislative File No. 48936 – Submitting the appointment of James D. O’Keefe for confirmation of a five-year term as the Community Development Division Director. (Report of Finance Committee)
The following items are EXTRA-MAJORITY ITEMS – Extra Majority vote items will be recorded as unanimous votes unless a roll call or exclusion is requested:

19. Legislative File No. 47776 SUBSTITUTE – Amending Sec. 33.07(6) to add additional types of public construction that may be done by the City without submitting the work for public bid. (Report of BPW – Creation of Sections 33.07(6)(a)3. through 5. 15 Votes Required)

39. Legislative File No. 48638 SUBSTITUTE – Authorizing an allocation of up to $50,000 in federal CDBG funds to provide additional home repair services to Madison’s low-income homeowners through Project Home, Inc.; and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an amendment to the existing agreement with Project Home, Inc. to reflect the additional funds; and amending the 2017 Adopted Operating Budget to appropriate $50,000 from the Community Development Grant Fund. (Report of Finance Committee – 15 Votes Required)

44. Legislative File No. 49016 – Authorizing the Mayor and Chief of Police to accept an USDOJ FY2017 Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Implementation grant award for $850,000 for two years to address crime and socio-economic drivers of crime within the Raymond Road Corridor; and amend budgets accordingly. (Report of Finance Committee – 15 Votes Required)

Items requested by alders to be placed on EXCLUSION LIST
49. Legislative File No. 49038 – Authorizing the allocation of up to an additional $500,000 to Heartland Housing Inc, from the 2018 Affordable Housing Fund, and reauthorizing 2017 AHF loan commitments to Heartland to support development costs associated with a proposed project to construct approximately 60 units of permanent supportive housing in Madison, Wisconsin and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a loan agreement with Heartland. (Ald. David Ahrens, District 15 – Report of Finance Committee)

63. Legislative File No. 48471 – Approving a Small Cap TIF #32 Mansion Hill-James Madison Park Neighborhood loan of up to $100,000 to Scott Pratt & Michele Wee, Borrower(s), for the renovation of the property located at 308 N. Carroll Street, Madison, WI and its conversion from rental to owner-occupied housing; and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a loan agreement with the Borrower(s) to effectuate this transaction. (Council President Rummel – Reconsidered 10/3/17 and Referred to This Meeting)

84. Legislative File No. 48934 – Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a development agreement to fund a $2,500,000 Tax Incremental Finance Loan to assist in the renovation and development of office, laboratory, and warehouse space for Exact Sciences Corporation in the Project Plan and Boundary Amendment area of TID #46 (Research Park). (Item for Reconsideration)

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