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4 meetings, all 4 this afternoon and start within an hour and a half of each other . . .

Monday, August 14th
4:30 p.m. Board of Education members will greet new staff members – Doyle Administration Building 545 West Dayton Street Madison, WI 53703 Room 103

5:00 p.m. Operations Work Group Meeting – Doyle Administration Building 545 West Dayton Street Madison, WI 53703 Room 103
Board of Education Charter School Policy 10000

5:45 p.m. Special Board of Education Meeting in Open Session – Doyle Administration Building 545 West Dayton Street Madison, WI 53703 Room 103
2017-18 Board Organizational Meeting

6:00 p.m. Nuestro Mundo, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting WEA Trust 45 Nob Hill Road Madison, WI 53713
– Board Member Vote:
a. Nominating committee update
b. Becky Smith
c. Executive Committee members
– Treasurer’s Report—Approve the 2017-18 budget
– Strategic Planning Progress (Mission)
– President Role Discussion
– Principal’s Report
a. Summer updates
b. Charter
– Community Group—Passport funds
– Bridging – Charter v. Magnet
a. Update with research from charter options
– Academic Support Grants Vote
a. Review proposal on Community Group academic support grant review
b. Bob Curley music TV application
– Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Advocacy Committee Creation

School Board Member TJ Mertz also informs me . . .

There is another meeting scheduled, or tentatively scheduled. It currently does appear on the Board web page ( as Wednesday, 8/16, 5:00 PM with these listed:

Special Closed Session followed by Open Session WORKSHOP

Closed meeting

Vote: Open Meeting–Isthmus Montessori Academy Charter School Contract.

This does not appear on the legal notice (despite my request to add it). Board Members are now being told this may be rescheduled (to my knowledge no Board Members were asked about their availability before this meeting was scheduled by the Board President, and none have been asked about their availability in relation to a possible rescheduling). We have also been told it will be posted today (Monday) if it is not rescheduled. At this time we the Board do not have anyupdate on a revised contract in response to the votes in July (the language of those votes is here). We have been told “The goal is to get a draft document out prior to the meeting,” but there is no guarantee that will happen (we have also been told by the President that no public comment will be scheduled). I am not clear why there is a rush. Our policy calls for contracts to be concluded about five months prior to the school opening, IMA will have about twelve months if approved. I do know that it would be a huge mistake to approve any contract without sufficient time for the Board and community to review. Stay tuned. More here:

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