The Cap Times Asks The Wrong Question

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The Cap Times will be sponsoring a panel discussion coming up on June 20th:

Cap Times Talk: Are Wisconsin media biased?
Hosted by The Capital Times and High Noon Saloon

Which sounds great. With the perpetual whine of “fake news” coming from the right, while politicos like Scott Walker gets a pass on a daily basis, its a great topic to discuss.

Then I saw this:

And while the phrase “media bias” often means political bias, that’s not the only variety out there. How do the gender and ethnic makeups of newsrooms affect reporting in Wisconsin? The Cap Times has assembled an outstanding panel to discuss those questions at the High Noon Saloon on Tuesday, June 20. Reporter Katelyn Ferral will moderate the panel, whose members are:

• Derrell Connor, WIBA and WTMJ radio host

• Matt Kittle, investigative reporter for MacIver News Service

• Bill Lueders, managing editor of The Progressive

• Sue Robinson, associate professor at UW-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication

How can you have a panel discussion on the media biases, when they have far right wing blogger and Bradley Foundation employee Matt Kittle on the panel? He is neither a reporter nor does he work for a News Service. The closest Kittle has gotten to news in his life, is sitting down in the same chair that Robin Colbert sat in in the studio, while filling in for hate talk shrew Vicki Pyzinsky.

Maciver is being run by Brett Healy, who has spent his whole career on the far right end of the political spectrum(none of it in actual journalism).

After Wisconsin Watchdog fired Matt Kittle, MacIver brought him in because good employees who will write anything they are told, are hard to find!

“Journalist” Matt Kittle, has brought us some hard hitting stories as

* Pointing out that a trash can was full in downtown Madison after the women’s march!

* Tried their best to solicit riots in Madison after the Tony Robinson shooting!

* Spent too many column inches to count, to get a teacher fired who ripped a GOP yard sign at a county fair during the summer.

* Received False ratings from Politifact for making things up about President Obama.

* Went undercover in Democratic Recall rallies, and stole materials.

Well you get the idea, Matt Kittle IS bias but is NOT anything even resembling a journalist.

The Question the Cap Times should be asking is – Is there a better example of “fake news” than MacIver News Service?

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