Dems Get Fiesty over Republicans “Doing” Something about Homelessness

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The “doing” is more talking than anything, but I’ll let the State Reps explain!

The State Journal wrote an article about the Republican bills. Sadly, we paid Joe Volk $6,000 to lobby for this . . . the city paid him $3,000 and the county paid him $3,000. Clearly, our legislators aren’t impressed. And, I think the $300,000 takes away $300,000 from the EA grants which help people prevent eviction.

This is Melissa Sargent’s response:

Republicans Introduce Cosmetic Solution to Homeless Epidemic in Wisconsin
Republicans check another agenda item off their list while Wisconsinites experiencing homelessness remain homeless

(MADISON) – Representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) blasted Wisconsin Republicans today for the introduction of bills (LRB-2723, LRB-2720, LRB-2721, LRB-2734, LRB-2151) they allege will address homelessness in Wisconsin.

“It’s appalling that these cosmetic solutions are the best Republicans can muster to address Wisconsin’s homelessness epidemic,” Representative Sargent said. “What are we supposed to say to a high schooler who doesn’t have a home to go home to tonight? ‘Don’t worry, Wisconsin has a Council on this now.’?

“This is just another legislative agenda item Republicans can check off their list, pat themselves on the back for, and tell the people of Wisconsin they tackled the tough issues when they’re running for reelection, meanwhile not a single piece of this legislation will do anything to help someone who’s sleeping on the street tonight.

“There’s nothing here to address the fact that 28% of the homeless population in Wisconsin is under the age of 18, or that 46% are families with minor children—not a single stable housing opportunity is created by any of these bills or provides additional resources for persons or families experiencing homeless. It’s a slap in the face to real people suffering daily for Republicans to pretend they’re addressing this issue and to check this off their to-do list.

“I have and will continue to be a strong advocate for addressing the housing crisis and homelessness epidemic in Wisconsin, and will be introducing legislation later this session to do just that. Given the bill package announced today, I look forward to receiving enthusiastic support from my colleagues across the aisle.”
Melissa Sargent is a State Representative in the Wisconsin Assembly, representing the 48th Assembly District, which covers the east and north sides of the city of Madison and the village of Maple Bluff.

And Lisa Subeck’s response:

Message to Republicans: People with No Place to Sleep Tonight Don’t Have Time to Wait
MADISON – Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) issued the following statement regarding a package of Republican bills circulated today under the guise of ending and preventing homelessness.

“Republicans have sat on the sidelines for the last 6 years as poverty and homelessness have increased in the face of their failed economic policies. People with no place to sleep tonight don’t have time to wait for a bureaucratic council or pilot program.

Republicans are fooling themselves if they believe they can address homelessness without tackling its root causes. Yet, they offer nothing to address the core issues of housing affordability or economic insecurity, nor do they consider the many other factors that contribute to homelessness.

Ending and preventing homelessness means committing real resources to ensuring every Wisconsinite has a safe and affordable place to call home. Republicans have offered no significant proposals to expand the availability of affordable housing, increase wages, or ensure economic security – all key ingredients to addressing homelessness.

It is time for big and bold action and a substantial investment in ending homelessness. Democrats remain committed to keeping people in their homes and off the streets by expanding the availability of affordable housing, increasing wages, expanding Family Medical Leave, and providing access to healthcare.”

Mic Drop! Thank you!!!!

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