What will the council talk about/listen to tonight?

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I wonder if the public or the alders will do more talking tonight? It’s rumored to be a long meeting tonight, we’ll see. The council only pulled two items to be discussed.

Agenda Items #4 – 20 are PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS
6. Legislative File No. 45495 Public Hearing – New License – Panchim LLC • dba Harry’s Market 555 W. Mifflin St. • Agent: Lakhvir Kaur Class A Liquor, Class A Beer (Public Hearings – Ald. Mike Verveer, Council President – Purposes of Amending License)

The following items are EXTRA-MAJORITY ITEMS – Extra Majority vote items will be recorded as unanimous votes unless a roll call or exclusion is requested:
35. Legislative File No. 45589 – Amending the 2017 Capital Budget for the Community Development Authority and authorizing $189,000 for storm sewer and related flood proofing work at the Village on Park. (Report of Board of Estimates – 15 votes required)

36. Legislative File No. 45606 – Amending the Adopted 2017 Capital Budget and Authorizing the City of Madison, through the City Engineer, to accept a grant award from the Dane County PARC & Ride Bike Trail Grant Program in the amount of $133,000.00 for the construction of Capital City Path Segment 1; and approving plans and specification and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for Capital City Path Segment 1. (Report of Board of Estimates – 15 votes required)

85. Legislative File No. 45821 – Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into an agreement with Dane County to provide $19,300 in assistance to Metro Transit for transit information services, promotion efforts and operations for calendar year 2017, and $58,000 to the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (a Metropolitan Planning Organization) to support the County Specialized Transportation coordination activities for the calendar year 2017. (New Business for Referral – Editorial Correction Made – Correct Amount is $5,000 vs. $8,000)

Items requested by alders to be placed on EXCLUSION LIST
23. Legislative File No. 45903 – A Resolution Condemning Recent Executive Orders, Reaffirming the City of Madison as an Open and Welcoming City, and Confirming the City’s Policies on Federal Immigration Laws. (Business by the President – Ald. Tim Gruber, District 11)

74. Legislative File No. 44204 – 4th SUBSTITUTE Repeal and recreate Section 12.325 of the Madison General Ordinances to limit persons entering or staying on highways. (Items Referred to This Meeting – Ald. Mike Verveer, Council President)

Legislative File No. 46053 – Amending the 2017 Operating Budget to the Clerk’s Office and Authorizing the Replacement of Flooded Election Equipment. (Ald. Mike Verveer, Council President)
• Recommended Action: Refer to Board of Estimates

Legislative File No. 46054 – Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a development agreement to fund a $343,000 Tax Incremental Finance Loan to 134 Fair Oaks, LLC or its assigns to assist in the development of an approximately 80-unit affordable housing project approximately 80 parking stalls and approximately 2,250 square feet of commercial space located at 134 S. Fair Oaks Avenue within the boundary of TID #37 (Union Corners). (Ald. Marsha Rummel, Council President Pro Tem)
• Recommended Action: Refer to Board of Estimates

Legislative File No. 46056 – Amending Section 28.211 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the definitions of Lot Line, Rear and Setback, Rear Yard with respect to irregularly shaped lots. (Ald. Ledell Zellers, District 2)
• Recommended Action: Refer to Plan Commission

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