“Reasonable Conditions” requested for Day Resource Center

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Form the East Washington Business Coalition . . . do you think these are “reasonable”?

From: William White
Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 8:49 AM
Subject: Proposed Day Shelter on East Washington Ave.
To: Carlos Pabellon , “Becker, Casey”
Cc: “Violante, Todd” , Clifford Fisher , Dave C , Curt Brink , “to: milesjen@charter.net” , Dave Finger , jmfisher@wisc.edu

Carlos and Casey- here are a series of reasonable conditions for the CUP to be issued for the day shelter on December 12 at the Plan Commission. These will protect not only the property owners, but also the neighborhood and, above all, Dane County and Catholic Charities from the chaos which could result from the day shelter. We hope you will be able to support these conditions:

1. Create a comprehensive plan for the type and general location of both the day and nighttime homeless facilities.
2. Prohibit recreation activities on site; only job placement and counselling services to be provided.
3. full-time security services to be provided, preferably with an off-duty county sheriff’s deputy with authority to make arrests for violation of the CUP conditions and for violations of law. The security should begin an hour before the shelter opens and last until an hour after it closes
4. Transportation to be provided from the Day Shelter to the Night Shelter to keep folks from wandering through the neighborhoods.
5. Prevent inter-mixing with the Salvation Army customers across the street on East Washington Ave.
6. Provide security cameras on site.
7. Prohibit loitering on and off site and enforce the prohibition.
8. Provide one centralized contact for reporting CUP violations that is received by Catholic Charities, Dane County and the City of Madison Zoning office.
9. Conduct community meetings on the operation of the shelter on at least a quarterly basis.
10. Provide the main entrance from the rear of the building with the East Washington Ave. entrance only as emergency egress.
11. Provide the CUP to be two years in length and reviewed every two years to ensure compliance with the CUP and to add conditions if necessary.
12. Prohibit consistent offenders from being provided services by the Day Shelter.
13. Prohibit use of alcohol or drugs on site or off premises.
14. Additional costs for the operation of the Day Shelter should be included in the County and City operating budget.

Please give me your feedback. Bill White

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha . . . I got some feedback, but I’m guessing they don’t want it! Number 14 is THE BEST!!! I suggest the East Washington Business Coalition write a check. Gimme some feedback on that, why doncha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

More seriously . . . we can either have a trauma informed, housing first, harm reduction model . . . which works. Or we can have what they suggest . . . and it will set an entirely different tone, that drives people away and then we’ll have all the same issues we currently have. Nothing will change.

My ABSOLUTE favorite condition is this one . . .
5. Prevent inter-mixing with the Salvation Army customers across the street on East Washington Ave.

Uh, . . . is it the 1920s?

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