MMSD Board of Education is Looking for Members of an Ad Hoc Committee on Police in Schools

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The full notice may be found here, with Spanish, Hmoob, and Arabic versions linked. Here is the English text: Help Improve the Use of Education Resource Officers in Madison High Schools The Madison Metropolitan School District’s Board of Education is creating an Ad Hoc Committee to review and improve the use of Education Resource Officers […]

So . . . Who’s Runnin’ For Local Office?

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Here’s the city council and school board folks running in Madison so far . . . Filing deadline is January 3rd! 3 City Council incumbents have challengers and District 11 will have a new alder. And we have two races for School Board!

Madison (area) Schools Week Ahead

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So, I can’t figure out where the legal notice is . . . the one I can find is blank. But obviously there are some meetings. TJ said he found it here, but the link doesn’t work for me. So this is all I can tell you . . .

County Board Week Ahead

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6 meetings . . . also winding down . . .

City Council Week Ahead

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Only 8 meetings . . . winding down for the holidays

(Late) Report on Day Center Approval

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This is from the plan commission meeting on Monday. Where staff beats back the ridiculous requests for conditions on the day center posed by 7 – 9 un-named business community members, most who were too cowardly to show up to the plan commission meeting and plan commission beats back the goofy request for making the developer pay for a bus stop, which never happens – including on the projects they approved earlier in the evening 2 blocks away. hey didn’t really address pedestrian safety . . .

PD’s Pick of the Week

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Re-posted from Progressive Dane’s website: Each week, after consulting some of our elected officials, we will post one action you can take – typically going to a meeting and supporting their work – that will also support the goals in our platforms. Many people are talking about how with president-elect Trump, we need to double down on our actions locally. And we’re here to help figure out what you can do!

This week’s action is tonight!

Final(?) Decision on Day Resource Center Tonight

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So, the Plan Commission is hearing about the conditional use for the day resource center tonight. If they approve it, (and its not appealed) this will be the final step to it opening sometime next year! Exciting? Or, more likely anti-climactic as it is after waiting for 7 years and being disappointed in the operator of the facility and their model for services. Local businesses have given a ABSURD list of conditions, local advocates have a long list of concerns and the city council and county board have been largely ignored when telling the staff to include adequate storage, laundry facilities and that they will not be funding additional services beyond the day resource center. So, it will interesting to see how this all turns out, see below for a list of concerns that are not adequately addressed.

Weekly Picket/To Do List

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How will you participate in your local government this week? After the election it seems I was barraged with people saying they want to get involved locally to deal with Trump and asking what they should do. It’s a hard question to answer, since there is so much going on. Here’s some things you might be interested in this week . . . and of course, people are out circulating nomination papers to run for office right now . . . so there’s always campaigns to be involved in! (Madison City Council, School Board, Fitchburg and other municipalities)

Madison (area) Schools Week Ahead

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4 meetings . . .3 days this week!

County Week Ahead

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20 meetings! About half are before 5:00 and about half are after. Which ones do they want to make sure the public doesn’t show up to?