After 8 years . . .

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The Dane County Housing Authority opened its waiting list for Section 8 for the first time since 2007 . . . for 4.5 hours . . . and 9 minutes.

2,212 applications were received, 787 from homeless persons. They were only going to open it til they got 1500 applications, but that happened after 90 minutes and they had technical problems with Firefox and other things so they left it open longer. You can find out more about how it went here.

The Tenant Resource Center had 5 staff helping fill out applications in our Willy St. office and at the Housing Help Desk at the Job Center we had 2 staff, one working in our office there and the other went out to help the front area staff.

I was quite surprised by the numbers we helped in a short period of time . . . and how quickly the list closed. And I worry about those who didn’t even know this was happening, how long will they wait before the next time the can apply to wait?

No. housing. problems. here. eh?

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