Another Death This Week: Silly Call-In Procedures

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Makes me cringe with all the bad news and changes for homeless folks right before a holiday weekend when they feel forgotten and left out. This one is a good change, but change is hard for anyone, and for some folks, change is extremely difficult. Leads to increased anxiety and instability. But, this is a good one! Just wish the official news wasn’t coming out today Not to mention, me and my office manager are off today, I updated the website so people had the info before Tuesday morning, but all our written materials are not going to be changed by then! (Bad news for homeless = day center additional delay, closed storage facility)

Effective September 2, families seeking shelter will no longer have multiple points of entry into the family shelter system. In an attempt to streamline the process (and make it less cumbersome for families in crisis), all families in need should be directed to the Housing Crisis Hotline (855.510.2323). They will be greeted by a message that asks them to select the most appropriate option. Families seeking shelter should choose option #3. They will be automatically routed to The Salvation Army where a case manager will answer their call, assess their needs and help them create a housing plan. This plan may include Emergency Family Shelter (i.e. Warming House) and/or Family Shelter (at the YWCA, The Road Home, Salvation Army or motel).

To access Warming House families must still call on the days they need shelter to express need, but the time period to call-in has been expanded. To be considered for shelter that night, families must call before noon (they may also add their name in-person at The Salvation Army). They will receive a return call between noon and 1:00p indicating if there is space or not.

Please advise families you’re working with that they also no longer need to call-in everyday to remain on the Family Shelter “priority list.” Rather we will encourage families to check-in approximately once a week and keep us apprised of any changes in housing need or status.

The attached flyer announces these changes. Coordinated Entry (Families) Flyer Please post or distribute as necessary.

Thank you!

Leigha Weber | Social Services, Director
The Salvation Army

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