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And is that influence bad or good? Yesterday the on-line version of In Business Magazine came on-line and I’m listed as one of the top 25 most influential people in Madison. The list has some cringable moments – for instance, Scott Walker is on there. It prompted me to ask what the list would look like if my Facebook friends made the list and they, of course suggested we change the criteria. Here’s the list of people who made the suggestion list:

The list of good people in this town is long and I’m sure this is incomplete:
Tami Miller
Sarah and Z Lula Haukeness and Ronnie
The Lowes
Ed Holmes, Alex Gee
Farley Center folks, Allied Drive Wellness folks, FEED Kitchen
Carrie Chaous Thatcityworker Riddle
Kabzuag Vaj
Lisa Peyton Caire Heymiss Progress
Karen Andro
Karen Vieth
Heidi Mayree Wegleitner
Growing Power- Madison
Gary Anderson
Anthony B Cooper Sr., Caliph Muab-El, Karen Reece Phiffer
Everett Mitchell
Thomas J. Mertz
Jacquelyn Hunt
Hedi LaMarr Rudd
Alix Ade Shabazz, M Adams M Adams
Conner and Mark A. Wilson at Bethel Homeless Support Services, Karen Anteniole Andro, Heidi Mayree Wegleitner, Brenda Konkel, Ecurb Muabllaw, Allison Bo Ballison, Linda Ketcham and MUM, Jani Koester and TEP, Dean Loumos, Lorrie Hurckes, Stephanie Rearick, Kaleem Caire, Michael Johnson, Anthony B Cooper Sr., Tami Miller, Tami Schroeder, Frank Auenson, Connie Geier, Ron Chance, Kate Heiber-Cobb, Rachel Veltman, Diane Farsetta, Drew Carlson, Leah Samson-Samuel, Ronnie Barbett, Liam Gilles, Jean Wennlund, Jeanne Leccia Erickson, Briarpatch McGee, Jen Brown, Diane Brown, Kristin Sage, Anna Hahm, Bruce Moffat, Rae Drapcho, Noah Phillips, Keith Valiquette, Carol Peidl Weidel, Caroline Werner, Diana Shinall, Mary Jo LieutenantGov Walters, Mary Girard, Kim Isely, WillaMae Conklin, Sina Davis, Z and Sarah, and anyone else I may have inadvertently omitted.
Amy W Noble, Tyler Schueffner (sp?), Erika Schneider
Marjorie Passman!
Mary Anglim
Hassan from DIGS program.
Mona Winston, Rev. Wright, Rev. Garel, Paul Soglin, Louis Copper, Brenda Konkel, Mary Burke, Stan & Yolanda Woodard, Jim Doyle, Brandi Grayson, Rev. Gee, Milton McPike, Dr. Odom, Charles Taylor, Hazel Symonette, Leotha Stanley, Tammy Baldwin, Atty Lauren Perry and Ron Chance,
All at Santa’s without chimneys
Heidi Mayree Wegleitner, John Hendrick, Scott McDonell. Environmental folks? Caryl Terrell, Bill Lunney, Jim Welsh, among many others. Cultural folks: Karin Wolf, Richard Davis, and many others.
Senator Tammy Baldwin!
Mary Jo Walters
Jeff Burkhardt of Literacy Network and all of the people there who work really hard to help people learn to speak English and read
Marsha Rummel

More comments to come throughout the day I’m sure, I can think of another 50 people I’d add at least, and of course many of the people commenting deserve to be on the list as well! I was afraid to list people for fear of leaving folks out . . . Sure would be a different Madison if these folks held the influence and power of the people on the other list and ran the city . . . could you imagine? Who would you add to the list? Take a moment today and tell them! Add them to the list, lets see how long we can make it!

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