Town of Madison: 2 Votes on Day Center Tonight (CORRECTED)

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Looks like the Town of Madison Board has two votes on their agendatonight for the proposed (allegedly done deal?) Day Center at 1490 Martin St. Number 100 gets to freeze outside and the county will be charged when the ambulance is called to haul them to the morgue.

NOTE: Just overhead a Town staffer describing item 2, which is likely to be referred, so I thought I’d quickly update, see below.


5 b) Consideration/possible approval of Resolution authorizing the Town’s attorney(s) to prepare and file an appeal of Dane County Zoning’s June 24, 2014 determination that the intended homeless shelter use at 1490 Martin Street is a permitted use in a C-1 Commercial Zoning District with the Dane County Board of Adjustment.

This has to be with the zoning, they would be appealing the decision that the zoning is appropriate for this use.

This is for the services that would be purchased.

9 c) Consideration/possible action on Agreement with Dane County regarding extension of facilities on Martin Street.

This item is NOT about the building permit. If the conditions below are the “agreement”, then that is interesting, otherwise the permit is already decided as follows.

Dave Bloom moved and Brian Burkeland seconded the motion to approve the site plans with the following conditions:
a) Owner shall comply with the State of Wisconsin Commercial Building Code, Dane County Code of Ordinances, and Town of Madison Code of Ordinances.
b) Owner shall provide an Erosion control and Stormwater Management Plan as approved by Dane County (if required).
c) Owner shall provide a parking, loading, and circulation plan in accordance with Dane County Code of Ordinances.
d) Owner shall sprinkler the building; provide a monitored fire alarm and Knox box as per the Town Fire Chief.
e) Exterior lighting shall be dark sky compliant.
f) Owner shall be responsible for all costs associated with the extension of public water main, sidewalk and curb and gutter, and terrace landscaping (including trees, driveway aprons, seeding and mulching, and restoration) from Fish Hatchery Road west to 1490 Martin Street.
g) Owner shall enter into an agreement with the Town of Madison for the extension of public facilities within the Town right-of-way of Martin Street.
h) Owner shall reimburse the Town of Madison for the costs of all police, fire, and ambulance calls to serve clients of the Day Resource Center, wherever the call may originate from within the Town of Madison limits.
i) Owner shall be responsible to self-monitor occupancy of the building. When maximum occupancy has been reached, entry to the building by clients shall cease and transportation of clients to the center shall cease.
j) Owner shall provide a privacy fence between the buildings on the east side and repair the privacy fence on the west side of the property.
k) Owner shall provide an ejector pump at the nmth end of the building to discharge sewage to a downstream sanitary sewer manhole flowing easterly toward Fish Hatchery Road.
1) Owner shall be responsible for proper snow removal as per the Town Public Works Director.
m) Future alterations requiring a building permit shall require Town Plan Committee approval.
n) Any proposed increase in occupancy shall require Town Plan Committee approval.

I wonder how many of these are doable. Or realistic. Particularly h) and i). Are they really going to stop the city buses and bikes from coming. How do you stop transportation? And, are they really going to make people stand outside and freeze if they exceed their (assumed 99 person) limit for capacity? Remember, that was the capacity at the 827 E. Wash and they were serving 125 – 150 people today and that sure appeared to be over capacity.

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