TONIGHT! Winter 4, No Plan? No Permanent Comprehensive Day Center?

Posted July 17th, 2014 @ 8:47 AM by

Can you imagine, we’re going into winter number 4 with no comprehensive day center, no plans of what to do for the winter, and our heads stuck in the sand. Let’s see if we can change that TONIGHT!

Tonight at the county board there will be a motion to get Heidi Wegleitner’s resolution calling to spend $4M to the county board floor. It’s been sitting in 3 different committee’s since May and none of them have even discussed it. With the news that we won’t know about the zoning for Martin St. until August 28th and then it might be bad news, even Lynn Green says Martin St. may be off the table. We’re about to go into winter 4 with no real plan, definitely no PERMANENT COMPRHENSIVE ACCESSIBLE day shelter for our friends who spend winter and bad weather days outside, no showers, no permanent place for laundry, lockers, services, etc.

Here’s how you can help:
1. Email and ask them to pull the resolution from the committee so they can vote to look downtown at their August 14th meeting.
2. Show up tonight! 7:00 Room 201 in the City-County Building (old jail, one with the “porch”) You can’t speak, but it would be great to show a lot of support for Heidi and her efforts and to let the rest of the board know we are watching what they are doing and we are not going away!

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