Homeless Sleeping at the CCB Rundown

Posted July 28th, 2014 @ 8:31 AM by

So, last Monday there was another run at pushing the homeless who sleep at the city-county building away. The City-County Liaison Committee has a proposal for “Repositioning Trespassing Signs to Apply to the Terrace of the East Entrance (MLK, Jr.
Blvd Doors) of the City County Building” – no further explanation. Here’s what happened.

The meeting was three hours, and no one in their right mind would watch three hours of video. I tried to trim it down, took out the ums and ahs and tangents, but its still very long. It’s in three segments, the first where staff attempt to explain the problem. The second where the public responds with real solutions and the third where the politicians respond.

The Problem

The People Respond with Solutions

The Politicians Respond

The highlights reel is being worked on – the 5 minute version that people can sit still long enough to watch. The full versions are here because many people wanted the to see the video.

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