Water Kerfuffle, What about trash and transit?

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How does this even happen? Three days before Rhythm & Booms a story erupts that no water or water bottles will be allowed at the event because they need to make money off of concessions sales. Exhibit A about what is wrong with to country and yes, even right here in good ol’ liberal Madison. Yes, within hours, the city stepped in and the issue is resolved.

This is seriously embarrassing. Come at it from any angle:
– Health and Safety – dehydration of guests
– Cost to the city – in paramedic calls and now water wagon and staff
– Waste reduction – plastic bottles aren’t exactly environmentally friendly (see any of a kazillion links, google it)
– And then, there is that little equity issue we’ve heard so much about, but capitalism has no room for that! We must make money! This event is only for people with money, and those without, your safety isn’t important to us, better yet, just stay home. We can’t make money off you!

This morning, I took this screen shot that still indicates you can’t bring your own water bottles.
r n b water

It’s also worth mentioning the guidelines for bringing the water wagon “for free” to the event are:

What is the cost to use the Water Wagon?
We’re happy to bring the Water Wagon and any accompanying staff free of charge to approved events. We do ask that organizers promote that our Water Wagon will be at the event and encourage attendees to cut down on waste by bringing their own refillable water bottles.

Of course, the taxpayers are picking up this cost, its not “free”.

Another great irony is this from Alder Daley:

The Madison Parks Department will post numerous bins throughout Brittingham park and the viewing area, as well as several large dumpsters. Resident on shore streets are encouraged to leave their trash bins on the curb with the lids open for people to use as well. The city will be sending garbage trucks along the shore the following day. The event organizers will be doing some clean up after the but there will also be at least one organized group cleanup event the next morning starting at 9am at Brittingham park. I’ll be there picking up trash, I hope you join the group too.

Info from parks is here. I do wonder how much this is costing the city? Actually costing the city.

Here’s another issue unaddressed:

There will be no bus service for the transit dependent.

The last bus leaves the South Transfer Point at 10:00 PM which means you would NOT to get to see the fireworks. You need to be at the Capitol or downtown to see it and you would have to leave before it started.

Also the 10:00 PM bus would NOT get me to my home. I would have to hiked through an area of drug dealers to get home. That’s right there will be no police as they will be at the fireworks.

Rhythm and Booms cost needs to be diverted to public safety and public transportation. It is an insult to the transit dependent to provide “special” Metro service for those who park and drive but nothing for anyone else.

Equity in action! Maybe the Regent St Neighborhood can talk about that!

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