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divide and conquer

Scott Walker has effectively created the biggest partisan divide in our state’s history. His goal was to “divide and conquer” and he has masterfully pitted people all across Wisconsin against their own family members, friends, coworkers, etc…

In this era of bitter partisanship it is nice to see two people come together for the same cause!

republican party chair Joe Fadness and Dane County Democratic Party chair are working feverishly together with the same goal — Get Democratic Candidates off the ballot!

Joe Fadness, executive director of the state Republican Party, sought to nullify the nominating signatures for Mandela Barnes, a Milwaukee Democrat. The grounds included that some signers came from outside Barnes’ district and that two different addresses were listed for Barnes.

Michael Basford, chairman of the Democratic Party of Dane County, filed a complaint against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brett Hulsey alleging that 203 of Hulsey’s 2,135 accepted signatures included forged municipalities. If accepted, the complaint would put Hulsey at 1,932 signatures. That number is below the 2,000 signatures required.

Hulsey said that no municipalities were forged and that his party was seeking to end his long shot primary race against front-runner and former state Commerce Secretary Mary Burke.

It is nice that they are collaborating so closely. I just wish they could find a better issue to work together on!

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