Brief Uber/Lyft Update (Updated)

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This is on the EOC agenda for tonight (that came out yesterday) and was at the Public Safety Review Commission Tuesday.

An update from a friend and fellow Progressive Dane Member following this issue:

On Tuesday the Public Safety Review Committee voted to recommend the city council reject Alder Resnick’s proposed changes to MGO 11.06; Alders Strasser and Skidmore voted in favor of this recommendation, Alder Cheeks voted against this recommendation and was the lone ‘No’ vote of the committee. Cab Drivers spoke in favor of this recommendation, representatives from the ride sharing industry did not attend.

This evening, June 12th at 5pm in room LL120 of Madison Muncipal Building, Alder Resnick’s proposed changes go for review in front of the Equal Opportunities Commission if anyone is interested in attending.

Oddly enough, if you try to look at the history in legistar it just says that this item was referred to the Transit and Parking Commission (3 times) on 5/7. Hmmm . . . not as helpful as the above update.

UPDATE: Apparently, PSRC took up the issue even though the matter was suppose to be referred. That is why the sponsor, Uber, Lyft and others didn’t show up, including city staff that were involved. It probably will get reconsidered as a result.

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