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Yeah, this is monotonous on one level, infuriating on a local government transparency level . . . Good thing that homelessness or Uber/Lyft issues are of no importance to the community. Doh!

yesterday, 10:05am
Date: 6/12/2014 5:00 PM
Location: MMB ROOM LL-120

– Hip-Hop Report of the Madison Arts Commission
– Discussion/Action Item: Requesting City Attorney to draft ordinance amending Madison General Ordinance Sec. 39.03, the Equal Opportunities Ordinance, to add a “homeless” protected class
– Amending Sections 11.06(3), (4)(a), (5)(a), (7)(a), creating Sec. 11.06(7)(b), renumbering Secs. 11.06(7)(b) through (m) to Sec. 11.06(7)(c) through (7)(n), creating Sec. 11.06(7)(e)3., renumbering Secs. 11.06(7)(e)3. and 4. to Secs. 11.06(7)(e)4. and 5., amending Secs. 11.06(7)(f)1., 5. and 6., (9), (10)(a)2., creating Sec. 11.06(10)(c), renumbering Secs. 10.06(10)(c) through (g) to Secs. 11.06(10)(d) through (h), amending Secs. 11.06(10)(d)1. and (10)(f) of the Madison General Ordinances to permit the business of and outline the licensing requirements for Transportation Network Companies operating in the City of Madison.

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