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Posted May 21st, 2014 @ 7:11 AM by

I really wanted to have something relevant to say about the Health and Human Needs discussion about the POS (Purchase of Service – ok, that means nonprofits funded by the county) Audit, but . . . .

So, I showed up 10 minutes early and there was a quorum of the committee there talking about what should be in the minutes. They were talking about how Legistar doesn’t have the minutes they want, they are to brief and they want to have an attachment that has more complete minutes.

Anyways, they started the meeting, and Ronn Ferrell asked questions so that the conversation they had earlier would be on the record. Yeah, we now rely on conservatives to make sure that the process of government is transparent. Sigh . . .

Anyways, they took care of routine business items and then they made a motion to move the remaining two agenda items around. One was the item I was there for, there was one other person there for it. The second was an item after that where a group was going to do a 10 minute presentation and then there would be discussion or questions. There was one person there for that item. Of course, they switched the items around so by the time they got to the item I was there for, I could be there for 5 minutes before I had to leave, so I just left.

Another annoying point, there is a report on the POS audit, staff response and a powerpoint presentation, but none of those items were linked to the agenda item, perhaps that is why no one was at this meeting, because they didn’t know what the “POS Audit” discussion item was going to entail? The room was packed with Executive Directors and others for the presentation they did last week. Why was no one at this meeting? And of course, since I couldn’t stay, we really have no way of knowing what they discussed . . . well, unless you read the official or unofficial minutes, which are typically not full of the information you need, only what they want you to know.

I’ll try to get filled in on the meeting from one of the members.

All I really want to know is why the Tenant Resource Center, along with all the other homelessness and housing related organizations have not had to apply for funding in the 5 year process since 1998 . . . and why that isn’t in the report. Perhaps this is part of the problem . . .

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