Poisioned Waters

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This Monday Morning, I wrote a blog. That afternoon, I called the water department to find out what well my water comes from.  Same as my kids. They live on the East-side of Madison and currently are drinking from Well #11. The wells change seasonally there. My hope is that Well#7, which is the poisoned well and off-line now, is taken off-line permanently. There a chemical plume that is sourced from Kipp Corporation that was found and reported by a citizen group years ago(I cannot recall their name), that were told they were off their mark. Kipp Corporation ran their numbers reported their high finding, of ppb, two months ago. I left a message with Joe, in water quality to get copies of the numbers, I was told, he has them, I have to call again today, because he did not email me anything yet. If you live in a house, here is the link to check what well you drink from: http://www.cityofmadison.com/water/waterQuality/myWells.cfm. That is a good place for you to start to understand what well water you drink.

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