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Wisconsin is turning into Vegas. With its unlimited water use for large agriculture with the use of high capacity wells, and horrible frac sand mining operations, kicking up the dust that creates a larger, “Central Sands” area, everyday. Why would we allow such environmental destruction in Wisconsin? “We” would not, but “They” do.

On Monday, I was at the Government Accountability Board (GAB) office, checking on my campaign ethics, what projects I can work on as I run for office. I am in check. But are developers in Madison, I have such faith in the Land Commission Committee. I understand that Dane County has the highest “Job Creation” in the state, but at what cost, if “Vegas-Style” Projects are expected, and contruction workers have to work in zero degree weather, because their unions do not have “Weather Days?”

While, at the GAB office, I looked out the back windows to a view of a Frank Lloyd Wright house, with amble space all around it and strong direct sun. The red balcony needs some love, and I commented to the staffer who was working with me, what a great urban greenhouse spot. She then told me, oh, they will be moving that to put up a hotel.

WHAT?? I say, are you kidding me, Frank Lloyd Wright heard us, and rolled over in his grave.


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