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Worked last Saturday, working this Saturday. New laws go into effect March 1, seminars and fundraiser coming up. Two grants submitted on Monday. Re-zoning application submitted yesterday. Been a tad bit busy and missed the Judge Doyle Square discussion and Clarenbach house decision on Monday. Trying to catch up on everything. Meanwhile, lets focus on something positive – wanna see our tiny house village plans . . . :)

First of all, being a “developer” is sure interesting. The process seems as disastrous on this side as it was on the other side. To call it a process is a little silly. Staff has been awesome helping me try to understand reality vs what is written and I really appreciate their guidance! Funniest thing is, I wrote the law that requires this! Now I have a souvenir!
public hearing notice
It’s not that bad. Maybe because I trust staff to help us make our project the best it can be instead of arguing with them because it will cost us money. We’re not in it to make money, we’re in it to make it work.

So here is the full application.
Tiny Home Token Creek One
Model Homes

We have raised almost $13,000 on Indigogo and we now have 3 donors that will match all donations (up to $500) until we reach an additional $10,000! That means the next $10,000 we raise will really be $20,000! Double your donation now!

We’ve been all over the national news, Al Jazeera America, etc. etc. etc. Today we’re in the New York Times – honorable mention. Expect more to come as the AP does a video and print story on us, PBS is looking at doing something and more.

Wisconsin State Journal story says remaining concerns are about management and who lives there. Not the police?

This is the most recent statement we have from the police:

I have spoken with Interim Chief Randy Gaber, and he tells me that our Command Staff is currently talking with Occupy Madison about the proposed project for E. Johnson St. The MPD believes area homeless people should be treated with dignity and respect, and we will continue to work with other city agencies and community partners to address their needs. Certainly, the potential for having a tiny house village is a concept worth studying, and that is part of the ongoing discussion we are having with Occupy Madison.

Back to TRC work – still slammed til March 1. And then for the rest of the year as we do seminars, write books, etc. Never a dull moment.

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