What will the Council talk about Tonight? (Updated)

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Here’s the items they will talk about, unless the public shows up and speaks to any of the other items.
January 7, 2014 Common Council Meeting
Proposed Consent Agenda Exclusions
Please note that exclusions on this listing may change at the meeting.
Items may be added or taken off the list when the consent agenda is presented.

Agenda Items #2 through #11 are PUBLIC HEARINGS – Note: #35 is also a public hearing item
35. PUBLIC HEARING ITEM – Legislative File No. 32045 – Approving plans, specifications and schedule of assessments for streetlights – 4800-4900 Lien Road. (17th AD) (Ald. Joe Clausius, D. 17 Recess Public Hearing and Re-Refer to February 4, 2014 Council Meeting)

The following items are part of the Consent Agenda but with Additional Recommendations as noted:
96. Legislative File No. 32468 – Authorizing the Traffic Engineering Division to accept a grant for $133,600 from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to maintain and expand a safety education program and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into the grant contract. (New Business for Referral – Ald. Mike Verveer, D. 4 – Additional Referral: Board of Estimates

100. Legislative File No. 32578 – Agreement between Scott Safety and City of Madison Fleet Service for an In-House Repair Center. (New Business for Referral – Ald. Mike Verveer, D. 4 – Additional Referral: Board of Estimates)

106. Legislative File No. 32591 – Resolution authorizing a double-fill of a Field Service Representative in the Water Utility. (New Business for Referral – Ald. Mike Verveer, D. 4 – Additional Referral: Board of Estimates

126. Legislative File No. 32670 – Accepting the Report: “Demographic Change and the City of Madison: Findings of the Common Council Legislative Agenda Work Group on Demographic Change and Recommendations for Action” and approving a plan for implementing recommendations therein. (New Business for Referral – Ald. Scott Resnick – Recommended Action: Introduce as New Business for Referral at the 1/21/14 Common Council Meeting)

The following items are extra-majority items to be included on the consent agenda with request for unanimous

12. Legislative File No. 32636 – Amending the 2014 adopted budget by $38,575 for a technical adjustment to conform to the state-mandated levy limit calculation. (Business by Mayor – 15 votes required)

Items requested by alders to be placed on EXCLUSION LIST
28. Legislative File No. 32160 – Renumbering Section 34.907(1)(d) to Section 45.07(8) and renumbering Sections 34.907(1)(e) and (f) to (d) and (e) of the Madison General Ordinances to eliminate the requirement that landlords are to furnish fire education to new lessees. (Report of Building Code, Fire Code, Conveyance Code & Licensing Appeals Board – Ald. Scott Resnick, Pro Tem)

56. Legislative File No. 31981 – Amending Section 33.17(2) of the Madison General Ordinances to revise the composition of the Economic Development Committee. (Report of CCOC – Ald. Chris Schmidt, Council President – Recommended Action: Place on File.

74. Legislative File No 29554 SUBSTITUTE – In Support of Balanced Municipal Representation on the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (Items Referred To This Meeting – Ald. Marsha Rummel, D. 6)

Introductions from the Floor for Referral
Legislative File No. 32752 – Creating Section 11.06(3)(j), renumbering current Sections 11.06(3)(j) through (y) to Sections 11.06(3)(k) through (z), respectively, and amending Sections 11.06(4)(a) & (b), 11.06(5)(a), 11.06(6)(b)4., 11.06(7)(i)1., 11.06(7)(j), (8)(b), (10)(e), Sec. 12.792 and Sec. 1.08(3)(a) of the Madison General Ordinances to permit low-speed vehicles to be licensed and used as public passenger vehicles.
• Recommended Action: Refer to Transit & Parking Committee

Reminder: City Employee Bowling Tournament
Saturday, January 11th at 10:45 a.m., Bowl-A-Vard, 2121 East Spring Drive
Come Cheer on our 2014 Council Team * Ald. Lisa Subeck * Ald. Chris Schmidt
Ald. Sue Ellingson * Ald. John Strasser * Ald. Mark Clear

The following item has been added to the exclusion list by Ald. Chris Schmidt:
62. Legislative File No. 30377 Adopting the Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Plan and the goals, recommendations, and implementation steps contained therein as a supplement to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. (Report of Plan Commission – Ald. Chris Schmidt, Council President)

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