Snowbank and Iced Walks by Mary Jo Walters

Posted January 11th, 2014 @ 7:11 AM by

What happened to THE sand/salt mix? Fewer and fewer are using what Mayor Dave worked so hard at protecting the waters of Madison from salt. Now we have manure and salt mixed. I know that the city workers will correct me about the use of salt in certain temps. But sidewalks that are citizens’ and businesses responsibility?
Can they get fined for not making a mix?

It was a long walk home from the Central Library to Sherman Terrace, I held arms with at least three people so that we could as strangers lean on each other to make it down the road. The conditions were brutal. Iced.

Could Mayor Dave make a re-run. I can not believe I am saying that, but with him, I worried somewhat less, about salt in the lakes. Not to be too critical of the current mayor, he does bring together people to fight for homeless issues because he himself is so nonconstructive. But the waters, the environment? Nothing we got nothing. Consider a run Dave!

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