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This is now a blog post in a comment block, thanks Tori! (from Friday) I just hung up with Melissa’s office. The Bill has no number it is currently LRB3671/1 which is about FULL LEGALIZATION AND REGULATION and was sent across 1-22-14 to assembly now to get support for this propose (68 pages) written by herself, from other bills, to draft this bill. The bill needs input from us! In the Assembly,no one, has, so far co-authored on the proposal. Melissa has never used or has grown Marijuana herself, and her staffer told me, that has written this proposal to help people and unclog the prison system from possession cases. So, if this bill in some way make harsher penalties, including federal jail time served, those details need to be removed. Actually, Melissa would best serve the State of Wisconsin and neighboring states that make up the whole of this bio-region on legal access to marijuana community, to invite the language changes to read the current bill and feedback to what is really needed for this bill to truly helpful. She does want to punish excess use or possession. But there is no mention, of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s) or growing clubs and how they would be regulate. How does this bill help the 17 year old I met in the county Jail on Wednesday w ho was in there on charges of possessing more than an ounce. It is also worth noting that Melissa did sign on to the AB480 Bill, medical that is sitting in the Health and Human Services Committee at the hands of the Chair, Leah Vukmir. That bill and this one need a lot more input into the language. This issue is not new to Wisconsin. Thank you to all the activists who have tirelessly been working on this for many years to help the health and well-being of our communities. And you especially Tori LaChapelle!

By all means, if this bill sucks in any way shape of form, even if the good intentions are not all that is needed to make Marijuana legal. Call 608-266-0960 or email at To ask Melissa about what passage: Tori: post the passage, i have her staffer Caroline, intern, answered my questions. All else should be directed to Melissa

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