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Make some calls, get updated, ask, when will Marijuana be legal in Wisconsin?

Co-sponsors needed on Melissa Sargent’s bill. There are two bills before Wisconsin now, drafting stage: Senate Bill 363 and most recently written by Melissa Sargent Call 608-266-0960 or email at Her bill has no number it is currently assigned, LRB3671/1 which is about FULL LEGALIZATION AND REGULATION we need a third for growing hemp, but that has not yet been drafted, maybe Kathleen V. will help with that. BUT IN THE MEANTIME< MAKE CALLS AND EMAIL TO MAKE MARIJUANA LEGAL IN WISCONSIN!

The conversation has been going on for awhile, now, we need to get specific. We do not want to increase criminalization for growing, or for possession. Rep Sargent's bill needs to a comb-through with those that have been working on this issue for decades. Patients need our help. The State of Wisconsin has two bills in motion towards making marijuana LEGAL. These bills are for medicinal use as opposed to recreational use, like in Colorado. All questions about benefits for local growers and patients should be given to the Senators and the Assembly members NOW, as they are drafting the language and laws that will be in place for the legal use of marijuana and the growing of it for caregivers and those whose health is benefited from its known medical qualities. There needs to be privacy with a registry and regulation created from an Independent Board made up of growers, patients and caregivers. Having an independent board is not part of the current law. Neither is the idea of Community Supported Agricultural or buying clubs. But what is included is the testing and regulation of the tetrahydrocannabinols-testing laboratories.

Here is a copy of the current bills:

The Senate Bill 363 that was introduced in October 2013 is stuck in the Health and Human Services Committee at the hands and reigns of the committee Chair, Senator Leah Vukmir. Please call her and tell her to have the bill discussion brought next committee meeting. She can be reached at: 608-266-2512, email: AND Call Senator Taylor’s office at 266-5810 Call your rep and he other representative listed here to express support for AB 480.

2013 Assembly Bill 480 was introduced on 11-01-13 by C. Taylor, Danou, Ohnstand, Berceau, Clark, Genrich, Hesselbein, Pasch, Pope, Sargent, Shankland, Young and Zepnick, the co-sponsored Senate Bill 363 is also in the works by Senators Erpenbach, l. Taylor, T.Cullen, Harris and Lehman. THANK YOU>>> share widely. Wisconsin is ready to form the bills that best serve the marijuana communities.

Here was my last blog on this issue.

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