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I think that sometimes people view politics as something that exists purely on a left-to-right axis. Hit the middle of the political spectrum and you win. But I think that is an oversimplification. Note this article by Bruce Murphy: Ten points where Gov. Walker is vulnerable. Now, without debating the merits of these 10 points I would like to draw your attention to this paragraph:

Either because Burke is by nature timid or because her advisers believe her best strategy is to run as a centrist, pro-business Democrat, she is so far doing little to engage Walker on these issues, where he is largely out of step with voters. That strikes me as a huge error.

Walker is a personally likable, very adroit politician who won’t be defeated just because his opponent looks less edgy or ideological. His great strength is that people know where he stands. Burke can only win by making that a weakness, by articulating an equally specific set of policies, and by offering voters a clear alternative.

Do you think that timidness plays well with voters? I guess I find it worrisome that someone who strikes me as sympathetic to Mary Burke is calling her timid because I don’t think that plays well with voters.

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