50 – 60 New Units of Affordable Housing for the Homeless!

Posted January 9th, 2014 @ 5:23 AM by

We have over 500 chronically homeless, mostly individuals in the City of Madison, so this is a significant start! Here’s my summary of the meeting last night. We may just need to do this 10 more times.

I was late, I was on the other side of E. Washington talking about the Occupy Madison project to create 11 units of housing for the chronically homeless with the neighborhood association. So, I arrived at the second meeting late and here is what I learned.

#1 – IMG_20140108_195148_965
This sign says the community meeting is on the second floor.

#2 – IMG_20140108_195240_388

#3 – Obviously, being 7:30 in the evening, no one answers the intercom call. After waiting til my fingers were numb, hoping someone might leave the meeting early, I left.

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