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Again. The Homeless Issues Committee was asked by the City-County Liaison Committee to look at solutions for the issues of homeless people being in the City-County Building. That meeting and conversation didn’t take place because the staff blew it and didn’t get the agenda out, even after they were reminded to do so . . . so that work wasn’t done before the next meeting on the issue . . . which is Monday . . . sigh . . .

It’s probably be the same old disaster. Lots of public testimony and talking past each other. Elected officials that don’t know the issues well and are trying to do the right thing but sometimes don’t quite get it. Finger pointing. Blame. Half-assed solutions. So . . . so . . . tired of our community not being able to solve problems in a reasonable manner. I’m tired of the band aid solutions instead of real, meaningful solutions.

From Tim Saterfield, yesterday (at 1:46), explaining what happened and why there was no meeting yesterday.

Chair Basford wanted me to be in touch with you to confirm that there will NOT be a Homeless Issues Committee meeting tonight, Tuesday Dec. 10th, 2013. Due to my absence from the office last week, we were unable to get an agenda out.

The City County Liaison Committee – a joint city-county committee composed of county board and common council members and the mayor and county executives or designees – has asked for input from the HIC on proposed behavior guidelines for the City County Building, particularly as they impact people who gather in the lobby, many of whom are homeless.

In order to facilitate that, Chair Basford has requested a joint meeting with the City County Liaison Committee, most likely at their next scheduled meeting date – Monday December 16 at 5:15pm in the City County Building. I will let you know as soon as that meeting is finalized. I’m attaching a copy of the rules and policies considered by the City County Liaison Committee at their November meeting, and will send along any additional information we receive with the agenda notice for the meeting.

Chair Basford asked that I update you on the day resource center issue. We continue to work on siting a day resource center and are continuing to explore possible sites. The 2014 county budget included $150,000 for the operating expenses for a day center for approximately 6 months, and $75,000 for possible renovations to a building. The capital funding for purchase of a building continues into 2014. We hope to have a feasible site soon.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

I guess the meeting isn’t finalized yet, so stay tuned. I guess we will find out on Friday if there is a meeting on Monday. I’m so tired of incompetence.

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