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You have all heard something about the United Sportsmen deal lately. Some quick background, it was written into law recently by Scott Suder, meant to benefit a select few unqualified GOP donors and friends of Suder’s to the tune of $500,000 of OUR Wisconsin taxpayer money AND give these group of liars and cheats a perpetual $250,000 for as long as the eye can see.

United Sportsmen is run by Andy Pantzlaff ( who has a very very poor relationship with the truth) and former AFP-WI director(and former Suder Staffer) Luke Hilgemann.

See not only were they not qualified to get this give-away, they also lied about what little qualifications they actually had, AND now we find out that the committee was WARNED numerous times by the Federal Government that if they went ahead with the “grant” of $500,000 of taxpayer money, that Wisconsin would lose $28,000,000 of federal funding. For those of you scoring at home, that is a total of $28.5 MILLION dollars that was going to waste.

Even Scott Walker’s good friends, and staunch supporters, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board could not justify this one(for the first time in three years they left out the part about democrats would do the same thing – but that’s another blog).

So eventually, Scott Walker vetoed this grant(for now).

Now after the long intro(the GOP in WI is making such a mess of our state that it is too complicated for a bumper sticker slogan), we get to the WTF moment.

H/T Blue Cheddar:

As we saw in the quick overview above, this is not only a major scandal, and one that I think could legitimately be labeled THEFT, the Wisconsin Press corp is trying to make Scott
Walker the hero.

Check out this amazing headline from the Wisconsin State Journal: Walker Veto of Sportsman Grant Saved $28,000,000.


Scott Walker, under EXTREME pressure even from his base, vetoed this ridiculous taxpayer giveaway of blatantly rewarding donors, all “masterminded”(term used loosely) by Scott Suder. If you are wondering how mad Scott Walker is that Scott Suder almost wasted $28,500,000 of taxpayer money:

Walker on Thursday defended Suder after a reporter asked whether Suder had become a liability. Suder resigned his position as majority leader last week to take a job in the governor’s administration.

“From our standpoint someone’s record of service for nearly two decades in the state Legislature, I think, speaks pretty strongly,” Walker said.

Come on did you really expect any other outcome?

So there you have it, the Wisconsin republican party almost cost the taxpayers of $28,500,000 + and the Wisconsin Media only has to say – Scott Walker saved us all!

Get the tombstone ready!

PS: In case you are wondering who was on the committee that would so graciously hand over $500,000 + of taxpayer no questions asked:

The five-member Sporting Heritage Committee is composed of Scott Gunderson; Rep. Al Ott (R-Forest Junction); Mark LaBarbera(the lone NO vote); Sen. Neal Kedzie (R-Elkhorn) and Bill Torhorst of Oregon. Ott, the first committee member called upon to vote, initially passed, voting yes after all the other committee members had voted and he was called on a second time.

The republicans response to these new disgusting revelations?

I kid you not!

Republican leaders say UW faculty has too much say on money matters

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