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We brought the recent story of WKOW, and their employee Tony Galli, making the Bradley Foundation’s day and attacking a local elementary art teacher.

Galli’s “reporting” consisted of regurgitating a very poorly written piece by the far right, Bradley funded “news” organization – Wisconsin Reporter. Then to make matters worse, the ONLY person who Galli talked to to get a viewpoint was Nick Novak, the former republican party field organizer and current spokesmouth, from the even further right, even more right wing funded MacIver institute.

In the interest of fairness, I contacted Mr. Galli to clear up, not only why was a first graders artwork a relevant news story in a half hour newscast, BUT also to figure out how Nick Novak was even remotely relevant to the story.

The response was very interesting:

Mr. Simpson:

Our protocol here is to direct inquiries about broadcast and published material to News Director Joe Radske. His email is

I can tell you as a reporter involved with the story you reference, I stand by my work. I can also tell you on every story we endeavor, we make every effort to include the perspective of all pertinent parties.


So the reporter who relies on access gives none, and the “protocol” is to go through his boss first when you have a question.

Which is interesting from the person who just ran a “news” story where he did NOT go through the said persons boss or follow protocol whatsoever. This is apparently what passes as “reporting” in our modern day media.

I of course, could have contacted Nick Novak to get a quote about Tony Galli’s reporting, but Mr. Novak holds no relevance whatesoever. Which leads my to my next email.

I did follow “protocol” and contacted Mr. Kovak and asked how Mr. Novak, a republican spokesmouth, who lives and works in Waukesha, was a “pertinent party”.


Thanks for your email. I’m confident that Tony reached out to both sides in the story. While the school district and the teacher did not appear on the air, their side of the story was presented.

Now I see why the press let’s politicians double talk and avoid answers, since they are also masters at it!

The question that was never answered is not, Why was Mr. Galli too lazy to contact someone within the Madison School District that was actually involved or had a relevant interest, The question is how many sides do you have to have before you actually find one that makes Mr. Novak a relevant opinion?

One that appears will never be answered.

Luckily for you, the viewer who demands more, you have a choice! You can get answers from your consumer choices –

I know it will be a long time before local ABC news will be on my television again. As long as they consider Maciver and Wisconsin reporter experts on our local public schools, they are not really a newscast anyway.

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