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Check out the 7 week update from the Day Center for Unhoused persons . . . and stop by and check it out if you have the chance . . . what a difference staffing attitudes make! Specifically, check out the police call information.

25% more people, virtually no police calls.

Greetings Neighbors,

As Week 7 begins, I want to share information and request that if anyone has comments, observations, questions, and/or compliments, to please share them back.

We have been averaging around 125 people/day.

Over this period of time, with this volume of people, we have contacted MPD for assistance 5 times:

First call (mid-December) was to report that a new-to-us guest hit another guest. Our justice team got the “hitter” out of our building within seconds, and contacted MPD to make report.

The other four calls to MPD were for assistance in helping four separate guests obtain medical help.

Our volunteer team continues to do patrols of the neighborhood; we have added litter pick-up to this task, as well.

We have needs for volunteers to conduct workshops in: child programs, adult art/crafts, adult computer literacy, and tax preparation.

Thanks for working together with us. There are about 12 more weeks left with us as your neighbors

608 371 WARM
*need to dial 608

And the real question next is . . . where will the permanent day center be?! When will the RFP come out to apply for that?

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