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Keeping track of city and county issues are hard enough. Schools are even harder, and now the state is making it hard too . . . just as they are going back into session and I am getting anxious about new landlords/tenant legislation and worrying it will turn my work world upside down again . . . they tell me this!

Dear Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service user,

The Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service is currently offline pending an system upgrade timed with the Legislative Session turnover.

You can keep updated during this time with the Wisconsin Legislature’s Document Publisher which allows users to follow legislative activity using RSS feeds.  You can find out more about the RSS feeds here.

We will send you another email once the Notification Service is back online.

Please direct your questions, suggestions, or comments to

Thank you for your patience and for using the Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service

It’s not a complete disaster, but my google reader is . . . I usually have over 1000 notifications and its gotten mostly not helpful . . . and now I have more to wade through. More time sucking activities . . . hope they fix this soon!

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