Rally! Rally! Rally!

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As the legislature goes back into session, does Wisconsin have the energy left to rally? I’m sure the legislature has a fresh new hell in store for us which will continue to destroy the state we all love . . . so we must rally! Rally our hearts and souls and buck up! Put on the long underwear and the warm clothes, bring an on-the-go lunch and go to the capital . . . see you there?


When: Thursday, January 10th at Noon (day 1 of the new legislative session)
Where: State Capitol, State Street side

Wisconsin voted in November.
The Republicans lost by over 270,000 votes.
But they fixed the election when they drew their district lines.

They have no authority to govern Wisconsin.
They answer only to their bosses at WMC – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

This Thursday:
-Reject their anti-worker, anti-child, anti-environment agenda and reject this state legislature!
-Demand their resignations. Demand new and fair elections!

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