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By now everyone knows that Scott Walker promised as part of his campaign, that he would “create” 250,000 jobs.

“get government out of the way of employers … who will then help Wisconsin create 250,000 jobs by 2015, and as we create those new jobs, we will be able to add 10,000 new businesses.”

We also know by now, over 2 plus years into his “promise” Wisconsin has added a net of 25,411 job, which leaves 224,589 jobs to add to meet his promise, in less than two years. Which we know job creation policies of Scott Walker have been a massive fail.

We also know he has not gotten any help, with the exception of a few months of which we had no session, the republicans have been in complete control of the legislature. Yet the only job creation priority has been their own(at great cost to the taxpayers of WI). As a matter of fact, the republicans even held a special session on jobs, in which no jobs bills were passed or even discussed.

Looking at some more numbers, we see that states that have Democratic Governors, consistently create more jobs than states with republican Governors. We also know, crunching numbers, that under Democratic Presidents, more manufacturing jobs are created.

Taking into effect, everything we know about job creation and what has happened in Wisconsin the past two years, WPRI hack and Madison “journalist” Marc Eisen has figured out what will save Wisconsin:

We need a “business friendly” progressive

WTF?!?!? Completely ignoring the fact that “business” performs better when Progressives are in charge and not mentioning that the Progressives are not in power nor have been in power, yet tries to advance a false meme that Progressives are the problem? The Bradley Foundation must be proud that it can push its propaganda in every publication in our state with no accountability!

Just a few minutes on Google and we can easily show how ridiculous this “journalist” in disguise is. Here are some highlights:

* Is this a party that has a program other than restoring bargaining rights for public employees and opposing Walker on all matters

– First off the democrats truly did NOT campaign on restoring collective bargaining rights, much to the great dismay of the members of the democratic party.

* Most importantly, what is the Democratic program to resuscitate Wisconsin’s economy?

– Well Mr. Eisen the Wisconsin Democrats have introduced well over 40 different economic development/job creation bills, yet each and every one was summarily dismissed by the republican iron fist no other ideas allowed rule.

* He made his fortune in real estate, and that too shaped his political success. “He could talk to businessmen as one of their own,” notes Adamany.

– Businessmen like Mark Pocan and Rob Zerban or businessmen like Glenn Grothman, Steve Nass, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan?

* Wisconsin needs a new Pat Lucey. A progressive who gets job creation.

– Sorry Charlie, All of us progressives “get job creation” which is what the results and the numbers nation wide show! What we need is a republican who will denounce the radical wing(ALEC/TEA Party) wtc… and start working on fixing Wisconsin, instead of raising their national profile!

FYI: to our local papers, one way to bring our newspaper media back is to stop giving unlimited column space to the WPRI propagandists. ALec

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