Occupy Update – Transportation?

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After a week a Token Creek Park Campground – still no transportation, water, laundry, showers, etc. But hey, there’s this!


I thought I read in the paper that the offer of transportation had “expired”.

I sent this email on Monday

from: Brenda Konkel
to: parisi@countyofdane.com,
“Green, Lynn”
cc: Andy Hedit ,
date: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 8:34 AM
subject: Token Creek Request for Transportation

Good Monday Morning!

This weekend I was in communication with Andy Heidt about transportation for the now stranded Occupy camp. He told me to make an official request, so here it is. The request is for the following transportation:

1. Daily shuttles at 8am, noon and 4:30 that pick up at Token Creek, drop off at the Job Center, the Warming Center and Veteran’s Plaza at the top of State Street.
2. Transportation to Bubbles Laundry program on Tuesday’s and Friday’s 9 – 1.
3. Transportation to showers – MWF Madison Multicultural Center 9 – 3, TR First United Methodist Church 9 – noon.
4. Transportation to the River Food Pantry Tuesday (5 – 6:30) and Friday (6 – 7) when they serve hot meals.

This would begin to meet the needs of the various people at Token Creek and the community would continue to fill in the gaps as they will have for the first week of the camp being there.

I’m not sure if I can expect a response given the general lack of communication, but it would be great if you could respond at least acknowledging that you received this and letting me know when I might expect a response.

The response, but there’s still no transportation arrangements I’m aware of:

from: Green, Lynn Green@countyofdane.com
to: Brenda Konkel
“Parisi, Joseph”
cc: “Heidt, Andrew” ,
#County Board Recipients
date: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 11:25 AM
subject: RE: Token Creek Request for Transportation
In regard to transportation, in a memo to the campers dated 11-17-12 it indicated:
” We continue to strongly encourage you to utilize the established overnight shelters and day centers that are available to you, especially given the upcoming winter climate. However, it you choose to establish a campsite at Token Creek County Park under the conditions outlined in the November 16, 2012 memo, Dane County is willing to discuss transportation to and from Token Creek County Park at the beginning and end of each County business weekday.”

Based on your e-mail, I assume that you wish to have the transportation arranged that was offered. I am working to arrange van service at the beginning and end of each County business weekday, and hope to have it in place in the next few days. I will get you details of the arrangements as soon as I have them. I hope this will help facilitate the campers being able to be in the City during the day for appointments, day center utilization, laundry, showers, and other services.


Hey, no rush, just let us know when you get around to it.

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