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We all know by now that Sly in the Morning and the local news team, on 1670 WTDY was ambushed and fired the day before Thanksgiving by new General Manager Rick Mccoy.

Thus effectively ending any local voice that progressives have. Also ending any chance that people have of actual real time news coverage. With the continual erosion of actual and quality news from our local paper, the public in one of the most educated cities in the country will now be unable to find local information.

While dwindling, there are still outlets to get local news, from right here at this humble blog, to Dane 101, to The Isthmus, to The Peoples Mic on 92.1(which unfortunately is only one hour a day, the rest of the programming is national) and even occasionally the Wisconsin State Journal well The Capital Times anyway.

However while all of these outlets fill us in with local events and stories, we lose out on actual reporting of daily things that matter. Dylan Brogan had become one of the best actual reporters in Madison. So much so, that our “citizen legislator” Senator Ron Johnson barred him from his events because ROJO was scared that Dylan might actual ask him a question. Johnson knew he could peddle his propaganda without being questioned on it by any other “reporter” in attendance.

There was also a time a few years ago, when Madison had a crippling Blizzard. It shut down most of the local government and even the highways. WTDY Host Shawn Prebil stayed overnight at the station and gave us valuable updates the whole time.

I have also been stuck in traffic a couple times on the beltline and called their “road rager’ traffic line to get the scoop and know if i could wait it out or if there was a problem that I needed to reroute.

Local events and information that is now unavailable anywhere. Midwest Family Broadcasting and Mr. McCoy just made a decision that goes directly against their Mission and Vision statement:

Mission & Vision

In 1956 our founder, William E. Walker, never sought to own control of any station. Instead associate with ”capable ambitious people who have been encouraged to acquire a stock interest, so we are always working together for a station’s welfare, knowing that when a station serves it’s community well, it is bound to profit accordingly.”

The whole of Mid-West Family is greater than the sum of its parts. We are focused on fostering relationships with our communities, our listeners, and our advertisers. In addition, we will grow people in each market with an eye toward potential market expansion in the future.

They also point out why “they are different” proving they are no longer different:

Why We’re Different

We are NOT cookie cutter, boring, bottom-line focused, remote corporate financed, media peddlers. We believe if you do something to the best of your ability, others will be drawn to it.

Decisions affecting the company and the community should not be dictated from out of town. Investing locally secures a future for generations to come.

Mid-West Family Broadcasting is not product driven, we are people driven.

A company abandoned their values and a city is left wanting for more.

However, as always, YOU can make a difference.

You can email WTDY and MR. McCoy at Rick.McCoy@mwfbg.net or Twitter @mwfmccoy

You can also email Clear Channel (92.1 FM) program director Tim Scott and tell him you want Sly back on YOUR airwaves: 608-663-7235, or e-mail, timscott@clearchannel.com.

Also PLEASE like our new facebook page: Give Sly The Mic!

Me personally, I am still holding out hope Lee Rayburn comes back!! Ithica Schmithica!

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