Donations Needed for Warming Shelter

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The warming shelter opens today, and there is a long list of items that they need. But . . . uh, only the things on this list.

This is their words, not mine. So friendly.
If an item is NOT on the list below, please assume that we CANNOT accept it.

Working TV and converter box with needed cables
Toothbrushes and travel-size toothpaste
Coffee: regular / decaf
Hot Tea
Madison Metro bus tickets
Rolling suitcases / backpacks / luggage tags
Shelf-stable creamer
Working Coffee Maker and appropriate filters
New or gently used winter hats / mittens / scarves
Sweetener packets, sugar packets, Stevia packets, honey packets
Heavy Duty garbage bags
Band-Aids / adhesive bandages
Peanut Butter
Disposable utensils
Breakfast/granola bars
DVD player and needed cords
Journals / paper pads / notebooks
Individual size: fruit cups and applesauce
Working pens / markers
Pretzels / Mixed Nuts
Dish soap and scrubber/cloth
Scotch tape / masking tape
Individually-size Microwave Meal
Magazines / novels / non-fiction
Pill boxes
Instant Oatmeal
Crossword puzzle / game books
2013 planners
Pastries / rolls
Disposable plates / cups / bowls
Holiday Greeting Cards / Stamps
Beef Jerky / Slim Jims
Water Cooler with hot water ability and water jugs
New or gently used nail polish and nail clippers
Chewing Gum
New or gently used socks (adult sizes)
Fruit Juice cans / boxes
New or gently used winter boots (adult sizes)
Gift certificates to super-stores, for staff to obtain needed items
Graham Crackers
Working Microwave
Snow shovel / broom / dust pan
Individually wrapped cracker sandwich snacks
Female hygiene supplies (tampons and pads)
Outdoor plastic chairs for smoking area
Individual size hot chocolate packets
Travel-size lotion and shampoo
Can opener
Pop tarts / toaster pastries
Chapstick / lip balm
Working toaster
Easy-open tuna packs / individually-sized cans
Cough Drops
Lanyards with ID holders
Cup a Soup / a Noodles

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