Brett Hulsey Doesn’t Quit

Posted November 16th, 2012 @ 8:08 AM by

Apparently Mr. Hulsey is still agitated about the incident that occurred this summer, which resulted in him getting a disorderly conduct ticket,  and is still wildly lashing out:  Hulsey challenges Barca over beach ‘kerfuffle’

 MADISON — (WTDY) State Representative Brett Hulsey made a last minute bid to replace Peter Barca as Assembly minority leader this week.  During his nomination speech, Hulsey accused Barca of forcing him to suppress evidence that would have exonerated him following an incident at the Spring Harbor Beach this summer.

“You may have heard of a recent little kerfuffle I was involved in about a beach and a photo I took,” Hulsey told democrats on Tuesday.

I realize that Brett Hulsey represents a very safe district and that the election just passed, but at some point does he become such an annoying loose cannon that he gets a real primary challenge? If so, let me know where to send the donation.

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