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The fine Folk(s?) at the Root River Siren had an infiltrator at a Romney Volunteer Observer Training in Racine last week, and there is audio and a PowerPoint summary posted over at the Root River Siren. A quick examination of the posted material shows a clear pattern of misinformation. Regardless of whether this is intentional or not, the end result could be a group of aggressive and misinformed observers causing difficulties and delays at polling places all over Wisconsin.

Two things were especially striking to me about the material:

1. The Republicans are deliberately hiding their involvement:

Republican poll observers are asked to sign-in as “concerned citizens” rather than as GOP or Romney observers. Sesek tells the group if pushed by the CEI they can say they are Republican – but it is clear this is not preferable. Her spoken reasoning is that it will avoid extra “animosity” and the chances of being removed if the place is cleared with too many partisans.

The sound recording:

Are they hiding their involvement because they don’t trust their own people to behave themselves? Or are they hiding their involvement because they are telling people false information and then hanging them out to dry?

2. This is very similar to the nonsense that was pulled in New Mexico:

New Mexico has started its own voter purge of 177,000 people, including a voting rights activist married to a state representative. However, as the law won’t go into effect until November 2014, the local Republican Party has apparently started training “poll challengers” for this election. A hidden camera caught Pat Morlen, the vice chair of the Sandoval County Republican Party, instructing volunteer “poll challengers” to demand photo ID and force legal voters to use provisional ballots. The video, filmed by the nonprofit ProgressNow New Mexico, shows vice-chair Morlen making several claims that directly contradict New Mexico law:

How many times does a group need to make a “mistake” before we stop regarding it as a mistake?


*The New Yorker has a great article about the right-wing myth of voter fraud and how it came about: THE VOTER-FRAUD MYTH The man who has stoked fear about impostors at the polls.

*It looks like there is some momentum behind investigating GOP fraud, in which a GOP operative in Virginia was seen dumping voter registration forms: Wider fraud investigations sought in GOP vote scandal
*The mess in Virginia also has some Wisconsin ties: Scandal-plagued registration drive in FL has WI connection

*The right-wing Wisconsin State Journal editorial board, which endorsed Tommy(!) Thompson, came out in favor of the 6ft rule:

The Elections Board also made a wise decision in keeping partisan and other election observers at least 6 feet away from poll workers. The distance is definitely justified to avoid a circus on Election Day. GAB attorney Mike Haas told board members that some poll observers have become intimidating and aggressive in past elections while challenging poll worker decisions, according to the Associated Press.

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