Desperate Times, Call for Desperate Measures!

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Summer 2012, the Wisconsin republicans had the world by the balls. They had control over the State Assembly, the State Senate, the Governor and the Supreme Court. They were virtually untouchable(except for a recall).

Then something happened, they tried to Govern. We all know the mess of ACT 10 and the turmoil and lawsuits that caused. When people shine a light on ACTUAL republican policy it is NOT pretty!

Determined to not have to answer to their constituents again, the republican party took to the underground. The big project that they tackled this year was redistricting the state. In order to check their morals and ethics at the door, and draw up a map(using taxpayer money) that would be the most beneficial to republican legislators, they decided to hire Michael Best & Friedrich and require all legislators to sign a “secrecy agreement”. When talking about how our state would look district wise for the next ten years, they wanted no one to know!! The truly gory disgusting details of this will be left to another day, lets just say that for citizens who want a representative government, the rules are stacked against us and the republicans took full advantage of that.

Now to get to the heart of the matter, things did not go as planned. While they thought they would cruise to a nice gerrymandered win in November was starting to look like it might not happen. What they did not take into account, was the same incredible incompetence that they had in passing the Walker/ALEC agenda, would lead to complete incompetence in candidates.

Not every district, no matter how red, will elect a crazy man like Steve Nass no matter what! Some districts would prefer their representative be semi sane and semi literate. So when candidates like Roger “some girls rape so easy” Rivard, David Vanderleest and Bill Feehan who will take no lip from the women in their lives, Joel “drink that E Coli” Kleefisch, and Robin “John Edwards is my moral hero” Vos, among others. It started to not look so good for the republicans.

Which meant switch to plan B change the narrative. That brought out the fake story of the violent left! The whole right wing echo chamber jumped on board! The problem is the story they jumped on was fabricated. So the right wing did what they always do, pretend it didn’t happen and throw the person they were using under the bus!

However, the people of Wisconsin know it happened and know what they did. We all look forward to the slander lawsuits that will be coming!

The point was not to help get Chad Lee elected, he has no chance(which is why they used his campaign). The reason they pushed this, is to change the theme from the extreme far right views of the republican party, to how violent the left is. They knew this story would fall apart, they just needed the story to get circulated far and wide before Tuesday’s election and hopefully before the truth came out. Luckily for the voters of WI, the truth came out quickly(although you wouldn’t know that from the right wing echo chamber) so we could point out their game!

Their desperation is showing because they know their complete control of OUR government is at risk!

In case you were wondering if the right wing echo chamber felt bad about pushing a blatantly false story, well they have moved on to their next one already!

DO not stay home on Tuesday, we need you to vote and take our state back from the extremists that occupy the Capitol now!

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